Friday, May 16, 2014

S'more Stuff to do at Home

For Christmas, we got this cute little fire pit from Tyler's mom. It took us a while to break it out, but it was really fun when we did. We'll have to make sure to keep a stock of marshmallows on hand.

The roasting sticks we got even further back. (I must have known they would be useful eventually.)

We actually have built in benches where the pit would fit perfectly, but the trees hang lower in that area, so for our first trial, we moved elsewhere. We should live here at least a year before we burn down the yard. (Or the neighbor's.)

Yummy. And the marshmallows look good too.

I admit to being a lazy s'more maker. It is sometimes much easier to buy the cookies with chocolate already attached. I don't think this makes them less messy. It just requires less layers to maneuver.

Pearl seemed to like them.

Down the hatch.

We cut down branches from the yard to use in the fire. Economical and necessary. Things are becoming a little overgrown. This yard could be a full time gig.

June is quite good at roasting them mellows.

Pearl gave me a classic dance move that is mandatory when the camera come out.

Ivory was a little cautious of the whole process. She was a little nervous when one marshmallow didn't make it.

I'm sure it went straight to marshmallow heaven. I hear it is fluffy and white there.

It is always good to hang out as a family. I'm getting excited for summer. I love having my monkeys around.

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