Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Space to Spare

When we moved into our new home, we were pleased that it came with more room because we had clearly outgrown our last home. Five kids and all their stuff, not to mention two adults and all their junk can really make one claustrophobic. So I was secretly very happy that we didn't even have enough furniture to fill the new house. Give it time, I thought. Stuff tends to multiply, so it wouldn't take too long. But in the meantime, I was going to enjoy the extra room.

Unfortunately, Tyler and I have parents. Parents who knew we had more space. Parents who want to get rid of items cluttering their own homes. Where could those items go? Why to the kids who just moved into a bigger house. No. Thank. You. Folks. Keep your junk.

I say 'junk' but parents actually were offering quite nice items. Still, I was dragging my feet big time. First to offer was Vicki. She had a list of juicy fruits to be picked from her abode and transplanted to Utah. I declined them all.

Next, my mom came offering stuff. Nope, we're good, I said. Although...I did kind of want the coffee table that used to belong to my grandmother. But it wasn't really an easy object to ship.

"No worries," said my mom. "I'll bring it when I come visit in the spring." Then suddenly she was renting a trailer (which she had never done to come here) and packing it full of stuff. She offered the organ. I said NO. Tyler said that he would like the organ. (sigh). Okay mom, bring the organ. But I nixed many other items.

Guess what? The organ is awesome. Super cool. The kids love it. They practice their piano pieces on the organ and I love to listen. (Now I just need to get Tyler to play some Phantom of the Opera on there.) And it fits quite nicely in the corner.

I repent mom. Thank you for bringing the organ.

Next, let's talk about sneaky Vicki. Recall that Tyler went up to Idaho for Mother's Day. He took my van because he wanted to do some work on it with his brother. My MIL immediately pounced on the fact that there was an empty van with no kids and decided to send stuff home with Tyler. Classic. She sent the grandfather clock. Which I had declined, not once folks, but multiple times.

Guess what? The grandfather clock is awesome. Super cool. The kids love it. The chimes are so fun to hear throughout the house and it actually helps me keep better track of time.

I repent mom. Thank you for sending the grandfather clock.

Hmmm...time to wash the glass.

So maybe I should stop being so stingy with my extra space. I have a whole basement with nothing in it. If you have an item that you feel needs a good home, apparently I have some space to spare.

Oh, we got the pictures back from the Mother's day party. And we put them in the girls' cute frames. I like how they turned out. (Despite the fact that I did not shower that day and trimmed hedges instead. You can't tell, right? Focus on the adorable children.)

Also, I give myself mom points because the other day Ivory came to me and wanted to do a magic trick. This translates in my mind to some activity that will A)Make a mess and B) Probably not work right. But I dutifully got off the couch and even let her use food coloring.

Behold, the upside down glass of water that does not spill. It is MAGIC!!!

Minimal mess and it seemed to work. Phew. Let's not try anything else for a while and jinx it.

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meganmushrat said...

You seem to forget the time I rented an entire U-Haul truck to bring your dining room set down. The one I bought for you at the Puyallup fair? However, if you think foisting an organ off on you is bad - wait until we're gone and you have to deal with our entire house of furniture! I'll be looking down and laughing.