Friday, May 9, 2014

Rubberband Jewelry - It's a Stretch

Ola. Anyone noticed a craze around rubberbands recently? Perhaps it is only here in Utah. I usually ignore the current trend, because I know it will be short lived and I'm not interested in investing the money. But Ivory had friends at school who were sharing rubberbands with her and showing her how to make bracelets. Also, she wanted to use her own allowance to buy more rubberbands, and I am ALL for them using their own money on their hobbies.

June was also sucked onto the rubberband train and has been making quite a few of her own designs. I snagged these from her room and modeled them so you can see some of the different styles. (There is a name for each one, but I can't remember them. I think one is called 'Educated Fishtail.')

Ivory came down wearing all her bling one evening and we got some pictures. Some of those necklaces are long.

For hands and feet and anything in between.

I don't think those are true earrings. I think they are connected to her glasses somehow in the back. (Still creative.)

In general I am pretty amazed at the artistic abilities of the kids. And even if they don't rival Picasso, I am entertained and enlivened by the beauty they bring.

We are currently out of sidewalk chalk, and no one has earned any from the store. (Sorry, store will be explained in a different post.) But the kids did borrow some from a neighbor the other day. I'm glad I took pictures because it poured in the evening and washed away all the designs.

June didn't get to finish her jellyfish, but I really liked it.

Ivory made a girl. (Self portrait?)

Robyn started a train.

Their drawings are pretty big sometimes. Check out June beside the jelly.

This summer I think we will do our own sidewalk chalk competition, much like the one in our brief old neighborhood.

Last picture for the day is of Robyn. She lives in her robe. (Probably the best Christmas gift yet.) And when she came downstairs with her hair in a towel, I thought she looked like an alien with a big brain. She is rather smart.

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meganmushrat said...

Tell Ivory I still have the beautiful blue rubber-band bracelet she made for me. When I was a kid the big thing was using mini-looms to make pot holders. Unfortunately I think all the ones I made wore out a long time ago.