Monday, May 12, 2014

When Dad's Away, Mom Will Play

Well, Tyler snuck on here and wrote an amazing tribute to mothers. He really is the stud he claims to be. He failed to mention that he left Mother's Day weekend. To go visit his mother of course. Trust me when I say that I had no reservations to his going. In fact, I spent most of the weekend surprised to see shocked expressions when I explained Tyler's whereabouts. (I guess I see it this way. I'm happy Tyler was able to see his family. I would have gone with him if it were possible. And it only would be wrong if I had asked him not to go in the first place. But I encouraged him. So no hard feelings.)

My Mother's Day was quite lovely. I should rewind because Saturday had some important activities that required my motherly skills. (Meaning that I had to show up, as I am the 'mom.')

In our church there is a group called 'Activity Day Girls' which include the girls between the ages of 8-11. These girls put on a wonderful Mother's Day party. I showed up bringing not one daughter. No. Not two daughters. But THREE daughters! And mind you, I do not have a set of multiples. I know my kids are not too far apart, but it seemed painfully obvious at that activity. I'm sure it is compounded by the fact that they are all the same gender.

Despite the slight strangeness, I had a great time. I love all three of my girls a ton. And I love spending time with them. (Even if it wasn't exactly one on one.) They made picture frames, and each was unique and beautiful. Here is June's.

And Ivory's.

There was also a dessert contest. I made toffee and we came in third place. Check out our very official award.

Oh, and the kids painted my nails. I forgot to take a picture, but trust me, that they were awesome. June got one hand, Robyn the other, and Ivory did my feet. (One lady took a picture of me with my entourage.)

The rest of Saturday was spent enforcing my slave labor. I kid, mostly. I did tell the kids that I wanted a clean house, and they all dutifully did their chores with minimal complaining. I'll take it.

I went out and did some more hedge trimming. Wow, this new house has a lot of hedges. We actually got the hedge trimmer last Sat. and I trimmed one side of the house. Tyler was out at a ward activity and I was happy to send him this text.

"I've trimmed four hedges and one extension cord. You're welcome."

Amazingly, he let me use another extension cord later. I guess he figured I learned my lesson. This week I tackled the front hedge. I wish I had a before picture. That beast was getting quite unruly. I trimmed him back enough that I hit sparse patches. But it needed to be done.

Sunday morning dawned with five beautiful girls ready to shower me with love.

They brought me breakfast in bed. (I requested cereal. Less mess left in the kitchen.)

Robyn made me flowers.

And then they gave me a million cards. (Have I mentioned that my children like to write notes and draw pictures? They do. A LOT.) I sat in bed and read and read. Each was so sweet. And then I built a shrine to myself. (I promise the banner was already one of the gifts. They thought of everything.)

I took a selfie and sent it to Tyler because I knew he was missing me.

The girls and I sang in church (one of the reasons we didn't skip town) and it was lovely. (If I do say so myself. Although I did hear some other people say it too, so it is truth.)

And then Tyler came home. He kind of stole my thunder. You have never seen five girls so excited to see Dad on Mother's Day. I can't blame them though. I was happy to see him too. He made me dinner, bought me a new crock pot, and came home with a grandfather clock. (A clock I didn't want, but immediately repented of when I saw it in Carnegie Hall. It really deserves its own post. Along with the organ. Man, I am behind.)

Let's just say that it was a great day. My mother is awesome, Tyler's mother is awesome. I'm pretty awesome on a good day. And I have five awesome kids that make me proud to be a mom. One more picture of each, because they make me smile. (I kept the sassy one of Robyn because I get that face a lot.)

I am one blessed gal.

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meganmushrat said...

Good thing we didn't bring our grandfather clock down to you! It's a grandmother clock actually, but it would be hard to tell the difference. You really are blessed with your girls - almost as blessed as I am to have you and Miranda as my daughters.