Sunday, May 11, 2014


There are at least three mothers to whom I owe my undying allegiance and love. It is certain that many mothers have assisted in my life—probably some prolonging it beyond Tyler's life's short precious play. (Kudos to anyone who gets the reference). But there are three, above all others to whom I owe the most.

Naturally, the first is my mother, Vicki. She it was who gave me life, and threatened more than once to take it away. It was she who clothed me, fed me, taught me. This was Mom who kissed away sore knees, and scraped elbows. It took a few more kisses over a few more days to heal the stitched fingers and hands—but she seemed to have an endless supply. This was Mom who hugged me as I left for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. It was less cool by junior high and high school, but she still squeezed in a hug here and there. She waited up for me to return from dates, punished me for all the stupidity, and showed me the way to recover from my mistakes. She hugged me goodbye to Europe, Brazil, and Ukraine. She has always stood strongly, nobly, and wisely: a shining beacon of virtue and honor. To her I owe much, and I can never repay.

The next mother to whom I owe a great deal is my mother in law, Megan. It was she who performed the varied duties of motherhood for Maleen. From her, Maleen drew strength and courage (both of which would be necessary to endure me during marriage). She imparted her sense of humor and responsibility to Maleen—both of which I shall forever enjoy. Maleen and others relied and rely on her for her mothering, and her steadfast ability to hold it all together. To Megan I owe much gratitude, and this I can also never repay.

Finally, Maleen is the mother to whom I owe the most. She is the mother of my wonderful girls! Maleen was the only one brave enough to say "yes" to my ultimate proposal. She is able to match my wit, charm, and humor; yet stands on ground far above me in categories of virtue, honor, and genuine sexiness. She too kisses scraped elbows and skinned knees. She demands baths, bedtimes, and hairdos of my little mothers-to-be. She teaches them honor and virtue, responsibility and accountability, and steadily shows the example they need in order to properly pattern their lives. She is the mother to whom I owe the most, and the debt continues to rise.

So I suppose that is the message of Mother's Day: to take a moment and make an account of all it is they have done, all they do, and peek into the future and gaze upon all that they will yet do. This day reminds us all who gave us life, who gives life to day, and who makes life worth our while in it.

Thanks to all the moms in my life, especially these three.

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meganmushrat said...

I feel honored to be included among the mothers that you feel have been of greatest benefit in your life. I feel equally honored to have you as a son-in-law and kudos to Vicki for the great job she has done (and is probably still doing).