Monday, June 14, 2010

Riddle Me This Batman

Is a vacation with children really a vacation?

I cannot tell you how many times I have counted to five already this week. (This is counting heads of kids, not trying to control my temper, although there may have been a few of those moments as well.) Even with Tyler, I am outnumbered. Children go in several different directions and I find myself yelling at the top of my lungs, "Robyn, too far!! while I chase after Daisy. And when I say chase, I mean it. That child runs. Away. Way away. At the zoo, at the airport, in the security line, at the park, in church. I have found myself saying multiple times, My kingdom for a leash. And I will get one...soon.

But, we are having a joyous time. Laughter all around. (With the usual amounts of crying.) I do miss our van. For some reason, the kids have gotten fairly good about being well-mannered in the family vehicle, but here in a borrowed car, they have lost all sense of manners. I think I have heard every cliche in the book. Are we there yet? She touched me. I have to go to the bathroom. Mom, the baby just spit up. Good times.

I wouldn't pass up on these experiences or adventures for anything. We are making family memories and building character, one bruise at a time. I just wouldn't classify it as a vacation for me or the Mr.

That will come in several years when we drop the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa's and they can spend a week counting to five.

Stay tuned for "vacation" posts and pictures.


Nick said...

Having the grandparents watch the kids was glorious while Karli and I went on vacation to Europe last month. The best part was we were all happy to see each other once we got back and we actually missed them.

The Simpson Times said...

I have had to remind Mark many times that a "true" vacation (and by that I mean relaxing) only really exists when you're kidless. As much as I love my kids and going on family vacations and making some great fun family memories, I also love a vacation that is truly relaxing too! You'll definitely have to drop them off to the grandparents to get that kind of vacation sometime (hopefully sooner than later)!

Emma Jo said...

Mmmm yes, the vacation season is upon us. Hopefully I will be e mailing you in the next couple of weeks for a playdate! Assuming you and all five make it back home in one piece.

meganmushrat said...

You need to update your post. "When we drop the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa CAZIER'S" Surely the kids won't want to come spend time in our mausoleum. Actually, I am really enjoying having them here. Surprisingly I love hearing little feet running all over the house, and the giggles and shouts. They each have their own 'favorite' things to do. Ivory loves to color (and she's very good at it - much better than your average 4-year old) Robyn alternates between visiting Aunt Miranda downstairs to watch movies, or playing Mario on the Wii with her cousin Tim. June likes to be involved with whatever game the adults are playing. Daisy likes to wander and open cabinet doors and pull magnets off of the refrigerator. Pearl likes to be held (but that is the same as at home). Thanks to my husband's Herculean efforts to get the house more tidy, and having the ping-pong table up again, we have been having a lot of fun.