Monday, June 21, 2010

A Sound You Can Touch

It seems that every time I have gone down to the Puget Sound, just minutes from my parents' home, the tide is in and there isn't much to find, let alone much beach to walk on. (And by beach, I mean rocks.) However, this time around, when we took the kids, we were in luck. The tide was very low and there was plenty of exploring to be had.

I taught June how to flip over rocks to find hidden crabs. She amazed me by catching several herself.

She is one brave girl. Tim found several.

He preferred the leg grab vs. the butt grab. Tyler being Mr. Muscles, unearthed an extremely large rock where we found this sucker.

Pearl was impressed. (Maybe, it is hard to tell.)

I was very thankful that we decided to take the kids to the Sound. The original plan was to visit Ocean Shores, but since the younger handful were less than thrilled by the expedition, I was thankful that we only had to drive five minutes instead of two hours to find that out.

Ivory was easily coaxed into a smile, although she was not sure about all the rocks.

She tends to trip a lot and every small scratch needs special attention. I can't count how many times she has told me she is bleeding to find out that it is a minuscule wound. I think she was done after finding the starfish in the first ten minutes.

Daisy also had trouble navigating the rough terrain and I do feel slightly guilty. You tell someone you are going to a beach and I am sure they imagine sparkling sand and warm waves, neither of which you will find on a beach in Washington.

Robyn was equally intrigued as June, but she went farther down the beach and I didn't catch her on film. (Um...can we really say film still?) Despite the rocks, the scenery was gorgeous.

And the weather was less gray than usual. Gotta love the Northwest.


Janelle said...

You forgot to mention the awesome name that they give this beach!!?? So nice to see sights from home. :)

¡Vieve! said...

Oh my heck, those crabs are freaking me out! How are people touching those?!