Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Highlights

We don't have any deceased family to visit here in Utah, so Memorial Day is mainly a free play-day for us. And play we did. (After chores obviously.)

Here are some of my favorite moments:

Tyler was home all day. (YEAH!!)

We got some good things done, like cleaning out the car and fixing the sprinkler system.

I found Daisy swinging her blanket and singing to it.

It was very cute. Besides the fact that she has started the terrible twos early, she still has very sweet moments.

Um, one of her not sweet moments would be when she went upstairs and pooped on her sister's bed. To be fair, she did say something about the potty and I was the one who took her diaper off. (She hasn't yet used the potty successfully, so I didn't take her in like I normally do.) Apparently I did not re-diaper her in time. And then Tyler took a picture.

Yep, we put pictures of poop on our blog. Lucky for us, it was a fairly solid episode. Phew. (Unlike today, when she took off her diaper and peed on the stairs. I see a trend that I am not going to enjoy.)

In the evening we packed up everyone for a swim. Foolishly I didn't call ahead and the pool was closed. I'll tell you from experience that you don't want to be the bogus parent who has to tell a car full of kids that they don't get to go swimming. Luckily, the other pool was open. We paid twice as much and only swam for an hour, but it was worth it because otherwise I was getting the lame summer mommy award for the third year running.

Coming home, we dunked each kid in turn into the tub to wash off some of the exorbitant amounts of chlorine. Ivory was one of the last ones in and she took her free time to snag some tortilla chips. Of course, she knew that she wasn't supposed to be eating them, so where did we find her?

I need to play hide and seek with her more often, because I know at least five better spots, than under the piano bench.

Hope your Memorial Day was a great one.


Emma Jo said...

I love it, the singing to the swing, the poop on the bed and the little nekked under the table. These are the moments that make our job actually funny.

Desmama said...

Your kids are really funny. I did laugh at the poop, although I'm not sure you were. I guess it must've not been that bad if you got a picture.

¡Vieve! said...

How funny! What a busy day you guys had-but at least you got to swim!