Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program...

We are back!! Which means I have a gigantic amount of posts to catch up on.

However, I think it is pertinent that I postpone those for a day so we can have a moment for Fathers. We happen to have a particularly good Dad on the premises. One who did not deride me at all for sleeping in this morning instead of making him breakfast. Everyone was really tired since we got home very late. And I am fairly impressed that we were only two minutes late to 9:00 church when there were still two children sleeping at 8:30.

Although we were not prepared with breakfast, there were other gifts to be given. See if you can figure out from these pictures what Tyler may have received.

If you guessed Label Maker, you are right. He also got a map from Robyn, a DVD from Ivory, and a Chocolate Cigar from me. I have been meaning to get him one with every baby that arrives, and although I am incredibly slow, he finally got his cigar. I barely got a picture before he devoured it. (Does he not look debonaire?)

Tyler has been a father for seven years now. I can't decide whether we are getting better or worse at parenting as the years go by. Take for instance this lovely example of our lax parenting. In the past, had our child taken off her diaper outside, we would have quickly scooped her up and re-diapered her.

Now, we just watch in amusement until said child decides to pee on the patio and then we laugh and take pictures.

(Yes, while she is peeing.) So much can change in just a few short years.

Parenting is such an adventure. There is no manual that has all the answers, although I think I could write a brilliant parenting book. This is what it would say:

Have patience...and a sense of humor.

Do you think they would pay me the big bucks for that? Best-seller list, here I come.

Anyway, another Father's Day has gone down in the books. I think it was a good one. I should give a shout out to my Father as well. He is quite the amazing man. He spent months getting ready for our family to come visit in Washington. It is due, in no small part, to him that we had such a good time.

He cleaned out the guest room so the kids would have a place to sleep. He cleaned the dining room, living room, and rec room to make them kid accessible. He also made a fabulous toy area for the kids to play in. Seriously amazing. This may not mean much to the average person, but if you have ever been to my parent's house, you would know what a feat this is. (They possibly have more stuff than the Smithsonian crammed into one house.) Thanks Dad for being so wonderful. We had a great time and we miss you already.


Nick said...

I swear you must carry that camera with you wherever you go. It's amazing you can capture those moments of the kids.

¡Vieve! said...

That pic of Tyler with that cigar is pretty debonair-looking. I wouldn't say you guys are lax now, just...calmer!

Sharona said...

How FUN for your family. So much has been going on and you are pretty much caught up on blogs! I'm so jealous you got to go to WA - oddly enough, I'm only a few hours from there and barely make it to Vancouver!