Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Then and Now

My fear of being behind on posts is that I will get so focused on finishing up Washington that I will neglect to mention what is happening now. So today, you get a little of both.


The first night we were in Washington, my mom took us to an art show. Featuring many LDS artists, there was plenty to look at: photography, quilting, paint, ink, live music, and what I went mom's crosstitching. They ran out of time when they were setting things up and they didn't put her name next to any of her pieces (lame), but it was fun for the girls to go around and see if they could figure out which ones belonged to grandma.

I snuck off for a few moments to feed Pearl, and Ivory came with me. We were in a LDS chapel, but I couldn't find the nursing room, so I stepped into an empty classroom. Ivory spent her time building a bridge from one side of the room to the other while I fed the baby. She was so proud of her work that she brought all her sisters back to see it later. And oddly enough, with all the art there, it was the only picture I got that night. (Sorry mom, we still love your stitching.)


Back at home, I realize that my kids could probably use less art and more geography. Here are a few conversations that I have had with June recently:

I had asked June if she wanted me to paint her nails.

June: Yes, and we should do the Spanish Cross.
Me: The Spanish Cross?
June: You know, with the white stripe at the top.
Me: Do you mean a French Manicure?

Later, we trying to think of a state to name a drink. (Don't ask.)

Me: What state should we use?
June: Paris
Me: Nope, that is a city.
June: France!
Me: No, that is a country.
June: Spain!
Me: Country.
June: England!
Me: Do you know any states??

(I think she knows Idaho, Washington, California, and Utah—the states for which we've already named drinks. It's a long story. And after this conversation, she knows Texas. We will work on the rest.)


The Zoo is a must when we visit my parents. I have always loved the Point Defiance Zoo and I think my children had a good time, although I am ashamed of all the little ways they are making money. Feed the goats=50 cents, ride the carousel=$1, ride a camel=$5, pet the dog from the show=$1. (WHAT!?! A dollar to pet a dog? Needless to say, my kids did NOT get to pet the dog.) Besides the obvious scalping, the animals were still interesting to watch. The seals swam upside down for us, the walrus was amazingly graceful despite his tonnage, and the polar bear was being fed. (Quite the show.)

June found a more cuddly polar bear later on. She gave him a "bear" hug...Get it? Nod. Nod. Wink. Wink.

The day was beautiful and Tyler was smart enough to bring a hat and sunscreen for me, so we all went home happy. I think the only thing in focus here is Pearl's hair. (Man, I am being upstaged by the hair.)

This is the hat Tyler makes me wear because he's "conditioning" the children to look for the red hat with eyes on it if they ever get lost in a populous area. It is the You-Can-ALWAYS-Find-Your-Parent hat. We wear these hats to zoos, amusement parks, swimming pools—you know anywhere there are lots of people. We haven't lost one yet (a child, that is).


Speaking of animals, or creatures back here in Utah, the summer predators have arrived. Yes, the mosquitoes are back. Tyler is their favorite flavor, but they dabble in other Cazier delicacies when they have the chance. Ivory got bitten by something, although I am not ruling out spider, and she ended up with a goose egg above her eye that slowly made her eye swell half shut. I should get some tiki torches or something, because just when the weather gets lovely in the evenings, it is dangerous to stay out and enjoy it.

To answer the rumors Ivory has been spreading about how "Mommy hit me in the eye..." No, no...honest. It was the skeeter.


Daisy was/is a handful wherever she goes. My dad quickly learned to keep an eye on her, and I would find him lurking around corners watching her carefully. One afternoon, my dad walked through the room where we were playing a game and said,

"I haven't seen Daisy for a while. Does anyone know where she is? This could be a problem."

"Oh dad, she's just taking a nap."

But I don't blame him one bit for being cautious. She got into plenty while she was there. But she was a great napper and I love the day Tyler found her like this. She had found the hair straightener and must have been busy examining it when she fell asleep. (It was not on, thank goodness.)


Daisy made me laugh today. Robyn has been begging to get dog treats for Moxy. (Probably because of the trauma that dog went through when we left—another post.) I took them all to Pet Co this afternoon to restock our snacks for the hound. They have a 'treat bar' there with an assortment of treats in shapes and sizes that often appear much like people food. They have one treat in particular that looks exactly like small chocolate chip cookies. Daisy was fascinated by the treat bag and was eventually crying because I wouldn't give her one, despite my firm admonishments that she would not like them.

I finally decided to teach her the easiest way possible. I fished out a cookie-shaped dog treat and told her to go for it. She gingerly took a bite and chewed away happily. I asked her questioningly, "Does it taste good?" She nodded yes and went for another bite. This intrigued me, so I took a sniff. It certainly didn't smell bad. Daisy finished off the entire cookie. Great, now I will have to hide all the dog treats in a good spot, to keep them away from, not the dog, but Daisy.


My parents house has an awesome tub. It is huge and has bubble jets. It was so easy to throw all four kids in at once, and Tyler would take Pearl in to calm her down. (That child loves the water.) Tyler snapped a picture of the monkeys one morning.

Aren't they sweet?


Raging Stallion said...

And people say I'm long winded!

I love the pictures of the girls. They are cute. I love the picture of the polar bear, and the girls in the tub.

P.S. Hangin' with the in-laws isn't as bad as everyone says it is. I actually enjoyed myself.

Svetlana and Scott said...

They are SO adorable!
Oh, you made us laugh with this post despite that post is a bit long for Scott he listened half of it from me... :) Spanish Cross, huh? LOL

Lazar Mihai said...

I love this picture with the girls in
the tub,they are all so cute!