Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boy Will be Boy

I think boys have this inherent need to tease. It doesn't have to be often or even cruel, but there is an embedded desire to play pranks on friends and family. Usually these antics come out at work. Excellent examples can be found on The Office. However, it is only natural that we women, married to men, are going to have to accept our fair share of baiting and taunting now and again.

My husband is no exception. When he sees an opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of my sanity, he can't help himself. Read on.

I was hanging with the girls in the loft. Tyler had just gotten out of the tub with Pearl. She was a clean, happy, warm baby chilling in her diaper. She is old enough now that Tyler has started tossing her into the air. And like all the others, she loves it. Tyler was giving her big air. He would toss her up and then catch her low, just out of my line of sight. I wasn't really even paying attention. Up, down. Up, down. And then he stepped out a little too far and threw her down the stairs.


But even as the adrenaline pumped into my system, I was already figuring out the true story. See, I think Tyler has been watching too much television, particularly too much Burn Notice. (Although, that show rocks, and I love it as much as he does.) These wise words were given by Micheal Weston just a few episodes ago. Spys and magicians use many of the same techniques. They both know people trust their eyes more than they should. If they think they know what they are looking at, they don't look too closely.

Therefore, when Daisy's baby-doll happened to be in the optimal position, he took full advantage. On the last toss, Tyler gently set Pearl down, switched babies and chucked the doll down the stairs. On close inspection, you will notice that this baby looks nothing like Pearl.

Daisy has helped accentuate the differences by drawing on her with marker. However, when flying through the air, they can look remarkably similar, especially when they are wearing the same color scheme; white and peach.

Before I even finished screaming, I realized that it was a doll sailing down the stairway and not my baby, but the damage was already done. My heart was racing and I was trying to catch my breath. Tyler of course, was laughing his head off, and truth be told, it was pretty funny.

He totally got me.


Katie said...

That is pretty funny. I'm sure I would have screamed too. Husbands do like to tease. I'm starting to realize that as soon as James gets old enough to join in the fun, I'll have to deal with teasing from James and Bryan combined... this should be interesting.

Ker said...

Just so you know stallion, that when I see you next I am slugging you for Maleen! That was mean!

meganmushrat said...

Hmm - was that any worse than letting a tarantula walk on Pearl and taking pictures of it?