Friday, September 17, 2010

Just a Normal Friday Night and Some Other Stories

I love when there is nothing to do. And by nothing to do, I mean that there is plenty to do, but we just aren't doing it. Tonight, we kicked back.

Dr. June came back from an awesome 'Science Experiment' birthday party. Check out her goggles, lab coat, and gloves. (Glad you can't quite make out the piles of laundry in the background.)

Later, we started a rousing game of Catch Phrase. I don't know why I didn't think of playing this game with the kids earlier. Even Ivory was getting in on the descriptions.

Robyn: This is something you don't use at all, but you get to use again. (recycle)

Ivory: It has an ear and it eats cheese. (mouse)

Mom: We are all part of the same...
(Someone has been paying attention during scripture study. The actual word was 'family')

June was surprisingly bad at this game. She would give one clue (and not a very good one) and expect us to figure it out.

June: It's a box with stuff in it. (package)

June: A candy shaped like a rectangle. (marshmallow)

June: It's like a jar. (plastic. Hmmm, how is that like a jar?)

Although she did have some great ones, like...

June: The answer to a problem. (solution)

June: You use it with fabric. [Some other clues equally confusing] and then... It's Mars' core. (iron. Wow, way to use your science knowledge to sidestep home ec.)

Anyway, we had a good time. Somewhere along the way, I got distracted. I drew an arrow on Ivory's leg and then another here and another there. Pretty soon I had a maze of arrows that you could follow around her body. The girls thought this was great and pretty soon they were all sporting a maze. I hid THE END on a different spot for each girl. Sorry the pictures are dark, but there is not much natural light at night.

While I was drawing mazes, Pearl was chilling in her high chair. She hadn't seemed too interested in finishing her rice cereal, but while we were occupied, Daisy was dutifully finishing the feeding for us.

Although she is crazy busy all the time, most of that chaos is directed at being helpful. She wants to do everything that we do. Like when she opened a container of formula and poured a bottle of water inside. (Ouch, if only formula weren't so stinking expensive.)

Oh, and tonight we had a breakthrough. She actually peed in the potty. She has sat there innumerable times, but tonight she finally got it. Yay. Although this means that I am going to have to take her more seriously now when she asks to go.

A good Friday night all around.

I'll leave you with one more funny story and a great picture.

The other evening Daisy spilled her cup at dinner. (Usual occurrence.) Tyler looked over at Daisy and said, "What happened over there?"

Daisy answered: "Daisy happened." (No kidding. Daisy happens all the time around our house.)

And finally, here is Ivory getting dressed in the morning. They say you should get dressed to the shoes every day.

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Desmama said...

Your girls are so cute. I love the one of Daisy trying to feed Pearl.