Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I finished reading Mockingjay last night, and I started Sarah's Key today. I am thinking that neither of these books are very uplifting. They seem to be good books, but lacking in the warm-fuzzy department.

Therefore, I need to write down something funny tonight to go to bed on a happy note.

Monday, I made fudge for FHE. I remember when my mom would make fudge and she would let me lick the warm chocolaty goodness off the spoon after she poured in out of the pan. So yummy. Ivory was the most convenient child at the time to share in the fudgy experience. She licked off some of the hot fudge, her eyes lit up and she said,

"You're right mom. This is some good smudge." (cutie)

Later, June was completing her homework. She was given three pictures that all rhyme, but she couldn't quite figure out any of the pictures. I pointed to the one with a man looking at a framed picture.
"What is that, June?"

"A cube."

"Yes, but what is the picture in general. What do you call it when people use paint, clay, crayons, etc. It is even a subject in school."

She was still struggling to find the word.

"Okay," I said. "It is a gallery. Have you heard that phrase before? A ______ gallery."


(Hahahahaha, I love having kids.)


Deanne said...

I love it!

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meganmushrat said...

Dad just told me where the expression 'Peanut Gallery' originally came from. Back in the days of early black & white (with no sound) movies were played, there was a separate section for the kids where they could eat popcorn and peanuts while they watched. This was called 'The Peanut Gallery'. The kids would often get noisy, which led to the expressions dealing with 'no noise' or 'no cracks' from the peanut gallery. You learn something new every day!