Monday, September 27, 2010

Count Your Many Blessings

Pearl (Pearly, Pearly-P, Pearlite, The Babies)

This girl is a doll. She is a squirmy little thing, but only because she is so intent on everything around her. She sits up by herself now and eats some solid stuff. (Although she still spits up and I forgot how much I hate it when spit-up goes techno-colored.) Everybody in the family loves her. Daisy and Ivory giggle and fawn over her until she gives them a smile. Robyn and June tote her around and give her kisses. She is spoiled. In the above picture, June was in charge and she had changed her into one of my shirts (?) and put up a cushion protection around her in case she should fall. She looked up at me and beamed, showing off her cute dimple. Sakes alive, could she get any cuter?

Daisy (Daiser, StinkPot, Goose, Dais, Daisy-Cakes)

Don't be fooled by the cuteness folks. This kid could find trouble faster than a shark smells blood in the water. Latest achievements: Finding gum under a bleacher (and chewing it), sampling her own boogers for the first time, taking off multiple poopy diapers, and drawing all over her bed (YET AGAIN!! Please do not ask how she continues to get markers. This does not reflect well on her parents.)  I adore this little duck, but man, she keeps this momma busy.

Ivory (Ives, Ivy-Spivy, Ivers)

Ivory is my little ray of sunshine. She is happy and fun, and throws a temper tantrum in there every once in a while to keep it real. She is doing a dance class at the moment while she waits for pre-school to start and I love hearing her regale me with tales of drama and flare. She still says the funniest things too. This evening the girls were talking about Barbie being fired in Barbie and a Fashion Fairytale. Ivory added, "Yeah, but she didn't even get burned."

Robyn (Yep, we just call her Robyn)

Personality is starting to ooze out of Robyn. She is stubborn and kind, all in one package. She needles her sisters to see where she fits in the mix and then I watch her play with them every so sweetly. She is reading very well and loving school. She still loves to color and really likes girly things (i.e. unicorns, pink, glitter, cotton candy, sugar, spice, everything nice, etc.) She also has a soft spot for the dog and I wash her sheets regularly because they always have dog hair on them.

June (Junie, Juniper, June-bog, Juner)

 This one likes to read, read, read. She is smart and gets almost all my jokes now. She plays games with me and is probably at the perfect age, because she still thinks I am amazing. That bubble will pop sooner than later I am sure, since she is almost better than me at piano, and it won't take long for her to find many areas in which to pass me up. She is such a big help to me and I am very thankful for my oldest daughter. Her birthday is this week. I'm sure you'll hear more about her.


K Cazier said...

Maleen, your girls are soooo sweet!!! I can't wait to see you next week. Give the girls hugs and kisses for me & tell June Happy Birthday... I have something for her when I come :).

Chelle! said...

Oh, your daughters are gorgeous!! I love your pictures. It has been so long since I checked blogs...I love your new layout...probably not new, huh?