Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dooby Dooby Do Bah

Some pictures are stacking up that I need to put on here. Oddly most of them are of Pearl, and her right hand man, the Dais. You would think it would be the other way around, but sadly, we all know that Pearl is secretly in charge. Or maybe it isn't so secret. I talk about not spoiling her, but I am thinking she is plenty spoiled already simply because I don't like hearing those loud noises she makes. I spend a lot of time helping Pearl's sisters share, but I think I need to spend a little more time helping Pearl to share from here on out.

Yes, uphill battle.

Granted, probably worth it.

She can be quite the hoodlum.

That picture makes me laugh because she was looking kind of tough with her backwards hat and her battle damage from smashing her cheek into the bed frame. I am not sure if the bink fits, but she returned it to the Cabbage patch doll shortly thereafter.

Tyler shot a whole bunch of her while I was gone. I liked this set. We'll call it: Pearl and a Banana.

I do hope Pearl will choose to show more of her shiny side more often. She tends to be much like the little girl with the curl on her forehead. When Pearl is sweet, she is very sweet. But when she is bad, she is horrid. I'm just hoping that Daisy will still like her when they get older. Since Daisy is the most laid back, chances are good. And usually they are two peas in a pod. See?

I will really miss having Daisy around when she starts Preschool next Fall, but that isn't for a while. In the meantime, managing Pearl must take a lot of work. You can see how exhausted she gets. She has just enough energy to curl up under the bed before zonking out.

But on to other cute things. On Monday when I came home from Washington, the girls led me into the house with eyes closed.

When I opened them, I was quite surprised.

To see this...

The girls sat down and June started on the bass playing a familiar riff. (Dooby dooby do bah.) Robyn joined in. (Dooby dooby do bah.) Tyler added the acoustic and Ivory chimed in with a small addition higher on the piano. (Dooby dooby do bah.) It was awesome. I think we could definitely form a small band in time. Phineas and Ferb is a favorite right now. (Thanks Beth.) And you gotta love coming home to a personal serenade. My family is the best.


Gaynelle said...

What a good family you have. I will most likely never get anything like that IF I ever left by myself somewhere.

¡Vieve! said...

Those are some cutie pics, and that little serenade sounds awesome.

clogger1 said...

Love it!!! Such a great poster to come home to!