Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Serenity Spa

As if our schedule wasn't enough, the girls started their own business this summer. It is called Serenity Spa. The prices are extremely affordable, which hopefully makes up for the odd hours of only being open from 1:30-4:00pm on weekdays.

Robyn came up with the idea. And then she experimented on some willing participants.

Emma's mom was one of our first customers. Emma (Robyn's best friend) also comes over to help with the Spa sometimes. Her main task is back massage. When she comes, they all split the profits evenly.

A neighbor brought over her daughters the other day and they had a great time getting all the treatments. Here is Anabelle getting a hand massage.

And having her nails painted as well.

Josie was chilling at the facial efforts station. Ivory loves putting the hot washcloth on and then exchanging it for cool cucumbers.

You are welcome to come any day. The manager (me) appreciates if you call in advance and make an appointment, but we certainly welcome walk-ins.

I think the girls have made $6 so far altogether. It is not necessarily the most lucrative business, but they enjoy it and it is always fun to have friends over to talk with. (Jenaca, we should have taken a picture of your cute toes yesterday.)

If you aren't doing anything in the afternoon one day, think of us. June sure gives a killer foot massage.


Hours: M-F 1:30-4:00pm

Hand Massage: 10 cents
Foot Massage: 20 cents
Back massage: 20 cents
Facial Efforts: 20 cents
Nail Painting: 30 cents
Arm Massage: 20 cents
Neck Massage: 10 cents

There you have it. There are sometimes refreshments. (It really depends on what we have in the house.) But it is always a good time. The kids will tell you it is only for girls, but I know of one guy in particular who loves himself a good spa.


Scott and Svetlana said...

Love those cucumbers :) especially on Tyler. ;)

CarrieLu and Madi too said...

How fun!

Katie said...

How adorable is that? I LOVE it! Too cute. Your girls crack me up.

(and that's Anabelle? Wow. Sometimes when I see how big other people's kids are getting it makes me realize how long I really have been gone. Love that neighborhood.

¡Vieve! said...

That is adorable. And the prices really can't be beat.