Saturday, June 23, 2012

Three Down, Eight to Go

Eight weeks actually doesn't sound like very long to me. School is right around the corner in my book. Which is probably why we are playing as hard as we can around here. Some weeks end and I feel exhausted, but in a happy, fulfilled kind of way.

Let's see if I can do a recap of last week since I didn't do so well on the daily posts.

Monday: Deep cleaned: 'The Yellow Room'.
I have decided to stop calling the bedrooms by children's names, because when they move around it gets very confusing. We are currently in the midst of a huge room swap and almost everyone is relocating to a new space. But that causes problems when I tell the kids to put something in Pearl's room. Um...Pearl's old room, or her new room? So, we named the rooms and I am trying to stick to using those names instead of kids' names. We have 'The Loft', 'The Yellow Room', and 'The Secret Room'. (Don't ask why it is called's a secret.)

We cleaned The Yellow Room, but really we have been moving stuff between all three rooms, and I don't have any pictures yet because I'm waiting for some furniture. Mainly beds. Remember how June and Robyn have been sharing one? We are finally going to allow them a little more elbow room. But the beds are being shipped and I wouldn't count on them until next week at the earliest.

Tuesday: Citrus Pound Cake.
Yummy, and almost spongy since there were so many eggs in it. Really I just loved the glaze which was powdered sugar and lemon juice. I probably could have just ate the glaze straight. Behold.

Wednesday: Wheeler's Farm
Wheeler's Farm is a restoration of a turn-of-the-century dairy farm. There are demonstrations, a wagon ride, and a country store. But if you don't feel like paying for any of that, it is all free. There are animals and plenty of trails to wander on. There is a playground too, but we didn't notice that until we were leaving. There is a pond with ducks, and places to explore. It was really a fun morning for the kids. I have plenty of pictures, but here are some of my favorites.

Turns out that Pearl, who loves horses and cows from a distance, does NOT like them close up.

I try to take group photos as much as possible. I think they will enjoy these when they are older.

Love the sun behind this one.

Robyn found herself a walking stick. I really should have gotten a picture of her trying to 'walk' with it.

I find it very amusing how the girls plan the blog for me while they are out. June climbed a tree and then Robyn said, "I'm going to climb to the same place, you take a picture, and then on the blog, you can write, 'me too!' Sometimes I give in to their crazy requests.

Ivory thought this knot in the tree looked like a brain. I recorded her doing this death scene. Sorry, you only get a picture.

Robyn thought this picture looked like they were lost in a forest. She said, "Yeah, you can font the stroller so it looks like wood."  Wow!! She really thinks I am some kind of miracle designer. Sorry Robyn, that would be your Dad. She even brought me these lego bats later and told me they could go in this picture too. Sometimes I do NOT give in to their crazy requests.

Cutie bugs running.

They are honking at a goose in this one. Daisy did not like the geese. I may have mentioned that one chased me when I was little. There were geese wandering around in certain areas and every once in while when I said we were going to a new area, Daisy would ask, "Are there geese there?" I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have mentioned my childhood experience.

We found one spot that I thought I could balance the camera and take a timed picture. Yeah, you can see how well that worked.

She may look sad here, but she sat on the stump, made the face, and told me I could call it, "Lonely." My kids are funny, and apparently I blog too much.

One more group photo.

Wait, I guess this would be the last.

Needless to say, we had a pretty good time.

Thursday: Rio
Cute show. I never even saw previews for it, but all the kids loved it.

Friday: Painted Rocks
(Whew, are you still with me here?)
Craft day went well. I saw some painted rocks on Pinterest (surprise) and decided I wanted a set. So, here is my alphabet. Pardon the minor imperfections (which I'm sure you can't see anyway) but I took them to the ward campout before they were fully dry and some of them stuck together and pulled paint off.

The girls had fun painting too. The 'J' in my alphabet is actually June's rock. She switched it out before the pictures. You can see my 'J' in this group.

I like Ivory's 'cell phone.' (The pinkish one with the red dots.)

And that makes a week. Busy as always, but it feels good.


Gaynelle said...

I love that you are so organized for the summer months. Maybe I should get on top of things around here.

¡Vieve! said...

Holy busy summer, Batman. So many things you guys do, how fun!

meganmushrat said...

Wow - you spent a week frantically doing fun things with your kids, while I spent the same week lying in bed. All right - I AM recovering from surgery, but it sure makes me look like a slacker. Frankly I get exhausted just reading about all you do. I'd love to have Dad paint a rock - I bet it would be awesome!

Cindy B said...

It looks like a fun week! We've never made it to Wheeler farm, but it looks like a fun place to visit. I think I will wait for the weather to cool off though!