Friday, June 29, 2012

The Adventure Continues

Our treat this week was Strawberry Limeade.

Easy to make
You can belnd it up in minutes
Great texture

Here are all the ingredients:

Cons: (only one really)
It didn't taste that great

It was entirely TOO sour. Here is my thinking: When I pinned this, the ingredients were all listed in the pin description. But I like to go back to the original source for helpful tips and to make sure I have all my bases covered. Well, in finding the original post, it seems that the soda was an ingredient swapped in exchange for rum. So, the recipe is really made for a tart cocktail. In which case, I don't think people care as much about the flavor.

So, I will spare you the time and money: Do NOT make this.

These were the cups I made for the kids and only half of them finished it.

Daisy actually drank almost the whole thing, then handed me her cup and said, "Yuck." Well kiddo, I felt the same way, but I threw mine away half-way in.

On Wednesday, we headed over to Discovery Park. The kids always enjoy it, but I will be the first to admit that it is not my favorite park. Mainly because there are so many nooks and crannies that most of the time, you can't see your kids. Call me crazy, but that kind of bothers me.
They were using the buddy system, so when I spotted one, there was always another close behind. I spent a lot of my time with Pearl, but she ventured out with big sisters too. Here she is swinging away.

But most of the time she was thieving the grapes.

Daisy is just the right age to be the perfect companion. She is happy to go wherever someone leads and play whatever game they suggest. I love this picture. It is totally messed up, but sometimes that makes it special. (They are in a beehive.)

Ivory was hard to track down. I caught her here, but she didn't even stop long enough to look at the camera. My little poser noticed though. (Robyn is bound to be a photo bomber.)

I did manage to catch a picture of Ivory on the monkey bars. But trust me, she wasn't there for long.

Robyn did some stunts for me.

June was tricky to find. I literally took this picture as I was headed for the car.

And then this last one makes me smile.

It was really hot, but it was a fun day.

Overall, I would say this week has been lacking a little. The treat was a bust, the park was pretty hot, and the movie...well, Pearl and Daisy came with us this time and the movie didn't hold their interest. I spent the last fifteen minutes in the car with two crying children. (Okay, they only cried on the way out of the theater. Once we got to the car they seemed to be content. I guess Arthur Christmas is just not their style.)

But wait for it...the craft was awesome. I love how it turned out. So, sometimes there is a silver lining. (That will be posted soon.)

Oh, AND the beds came. When I get everything settled, I will take pictures and you can see the new set-up. I am pleased.

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¡Vieve! said...

I love Discovery Park, but I've never taken kids, so I don't know all the nooks and crannies they can get into! Sounds like a fun week anyway, regardless of how it didn't exactly work as you pictured.