Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fruit Pizza and a Museum Experience

This week is plucking right along. Yesterday, our treat of the week was Fruit Pizza.

It is one of the easier concoctions to throw together. You simply make sugar cookies (which is made even simpler by Nestle or Pilsbury) and then whip together some topping (1 block cream cheese and 1 jar marshmallow cream) and then add whatever fruit your heart desires. Try not to overcook your sugar cookies like me and then they will be perfect. The girls seemed to really enjoy decorating and eating.

Today was the infamous field trip day. I guess you just never know how things will turn out with five girls in tow. I would say we had some highs and lows.

High: We visited the BYU Museum of Art. They have beautiful Islamic art on display. I got to revisit some of my favorite things since I visited back in May with the sisters from my ward. (I really feel like I already wrote about this, but since I can't find it on my blog, forgive me if I am repeating.) There was a section where they have all the names for God. Some examples are The Truth or The First. My favorite is The Forgiver and Hider of Faults.
Also, they have a decorative door ornament that translates to say, "Oh Opener of all doors, open for us the best door."

Low: It was a super fast trip through the museum. After all, the kids are not old enough to want to read plaques and information about each piece, let alone LOOK at each piece. They all enjoyed something though.

High: We stopped by the BYU Bookstore afterward. We saw a display of rubber ducks that has every kind of duck you can imagine. My favorite was the cyclops duck, but the girls seems to like the fairy and heart ducks.

High: We stopped at the Candy Counter and everyone chose their own special treat.

Low: Later, walking through the store, Pearl brushed her hand along a shelf and knocked the whole thing off. It was holding a crystal looking glass which immediately shattered. Awesome. I caught the other two glasses before they fell and a lady was on the scene at once helping me with the shelf. I honestly think if anyone had even bumped into the shelf the same thing would have happened. It was balanced very precariously, but I wasn't too happy that it was my two-year old who was the one to start the avalanche. They didn't make us pay for anything, but I felt really sick about the whole thing.

Low: We also managed to lose Ivory. After the breaking incident, I headed for the door with a purpose. It can be a little mazey in there, and when I stopped in the book section, I suddenly realized that Ivory was not behind me. And then the loud speaker went off paging me to the front of the store. Yep, one of those great mother moments yet again.

High: After escaping the bookstore we were able to sit down and enjoy our treats.

Ivory's Peachio's stuck together.

Pearl shared. Yay, Pearl.

High: We hesitantly reentered a building to find a drinking fountain. We managed to leave without destroying anything, losing any children, and with a Jamba Juice in tow that we all shared together.

And then we went home. Phew. I'm always glad we go on these excursions, but I am always glad to come home. After all, I am used to them breaking things here, and I've already paid for most of them.


Deanne said...

After reading about this year's adventures, I think you would have a very difficult time convincing anyone that you ever considered yourself a lame summer mom! It all sounds like fun!

meganmushrat said...

I have to admit that you are by far a better mother than I was. I think in the summer I just left you and Miranda to play together. It is totally awesome that you are helping your kids make precious memories - and hopefully they will do the same when they have kids. We sure do miss you, but I can certainly see that you are needed at home.

¡Vieve! said...

How fun! I didn't even know that there was a BYU Museum of Art, and now I'd really like to go there, it sounds awesome. Good for your girls!