Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Everything is continuing as usual.

I have been a little behind in blogging and then tonight, husband is putting together his new computer, and my computer pouts when it isn't connected to his. (Really, I just can't access any pictures.)

So, you get a list of things that I need to blog about when I get back in business:

1. Daisy learns her lesson about beads
2. Mom decides to overhaul all sleeping arrangements
3. Pearl doesn't nap anymore (a.k.a. three days in a row is not a good trend)
4. Citrus Pound Cake
5. The Spa
6. Ivory's diminutive size finally caught up to all our extra pants.
7. Father's day—Thou hast come and gone yet again

I also need to start recording again funny things my kids say, because there have been quite a few and I am remembering now that I do NOT remember them no matter how much I laugh in the moment.

The only one I wrote down last week was when we were doing Furby*, and the topic was 'What two super powers would you have?' Daisy tends to repeat whatever her sisters say. Her first power was something akin to Ivory's choice, but her second super power was 'Looking at Chihuahuas'. I have to admit that I love the way a three year-old's mind works.

Anyway, I will try to do some catch up. No guarantees right away. This weekend is our ward campout. I dread this weekend every year, but I dutifully attend. This year should be better because of the lack of allergies, but that doesn't fix the other aspects of camping that I generally dislike.

TTFN. (I don't text, so it is amazing that I even know what that stands for.)

* I know last time I mentioned Furby, I sorta skipped that part. I feel I should not gloss over him again. He is a very solid part of our life now. Furby is a fluffy pink ball thing. Think stuffed animal crossed with a soccer ball with eyes. (Well, sunglasses really.) Anyway, each night someone chooses a topic. A question really. It can be anything. What is your favorite color? Do you like glue or tape more? Which Phineas and Ferb character would be your best friend? Etc. The person who decides the question, gives their answer and then throws Furby to another family member. Everyone has a chance to answer and then Furby is thrown back to the original person and that person says our family prayer for the evening. The original idea came to me as I was walking through Hobby Lobby and spotted the fluffy pink ball, and I have been impressed with how long he has lasted. We do Furby over the phone when parents are out of town. We do 'invisible Furby' when we can't find him. If you happen to be at the house at Furby time, you will be invited to join in. We love Furby and I think it will be a great memory for the kids.

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Aubry Macbean said...

Well since the first time I ever heard TTFN was when watching Winnie the Pooh as I child I can see why you know what that means. Tiger was the first ever texter. :)