Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I am not in the mood to edit pictures, so I am just going to talk about everything I don't have pictures for. Sadly, there is quite a bit.

Let's start here:

Daisy Learns Her Lesson About Beads

I saved the bead, and I meant to take a picture of it, but alas, it hasn't happened yet. I'm just glad it isn't still in Daisy's nose. Yep, Daisy is my first child to stick something up her nose. Well, the first to get something stuck up there. Daisy came crying to me, and she hadn't even told me what had happened, and somehow I knew that she had something up her nose. Call it mom's intuition. I surveyed the damage. You could see the bead, but it wasn't coming out, even with a fair amount of Daisy blowing her nose. I tried tweezers, but I just couldn't get a grip on it, and I was afraid that I would push the bead farther back and choke her or lose it beyond reach. So I called the doctor and made an appointment. Then I texted Tyler, because naturally he was out to dinner with friends, and I thought he would enjoy a text about my predicament. He probably was sad that he couldn't be there. Parent's get bragging rights when they are there for events, such as stitches, broken arms, etc.

Daisy and I took a relaxing trip to the after hours doctor. (Nope, you know this could never happen during normal business hours.) I actually felt quite lucky because most of the kids in there looked pretty miserable. Daisy on the other hand was laughing and playing. We read some books and I had her blow her nose every once in a while in hopes of a small miracle.

The nurse took vitals and led us into a room. She asked all the preliminary questions, and as she was about to leave, she asked if she could see the bead. I said, "Sure," and tilted Daisy's head back. Was it just my imagination, or was that bead a LOT closer? The nurse left, but I wanted to test the new placement of the bead. It seemed like it was right there. I grabbed a tissue and asked Daisy to blow her nose, yet again. And voila. Out popped one diamond shaped green bead. Ha HA. I didn't even need a doctor, although Tyler thinks they will still charge us for coming and using up their precious time. I'm interested to see what it says under service rendered. Availabilty: $75

Daisy has learned her lesson well. When asked what do we do with beads, she responds, "We don't stick them up our nose." Good job kiddo.

Pearl Doesn't Nap Anymore (a.k.a three days in a row is not a good trend)

Yep...not sure why my children hate me so, but they tend to give up naps early on. The worst was June who stopped napping right before she turned two. I may have mumbled 'devil child' a few times during those days, but I'm sure there was no permanent damage to her psyche.

Pearl has been trending toward the absence of napping. I am REALLY not ready for that yet. At the same time, I just moved her into a room with Daisy. This is the first time in two years that her sleeping accommodations have changed. It must be weird for her. At night she is staying up late, admiring the new scenery I guess. She was up early this morning marveling at the change in color of the walls. She napped to and from our field trip, so that makes four days in a row with no real nap. I am hoping to exhaust her at the pool tomorrow and break this insidious trend.

At the same time, maybe it doesn't matter. She is still getting some quiet time either way. (Crib time is imagination time. Trust me, she invents all sorts of ways to destroy things even though it shouldn't be possible.) And when she doesn't nap, she goes to bed earlier. I can't say that is a bad thing.

Ivory's Diminutive Size Finally Caught Up to All Our Extra Pants.

Ivory is the tiny one around here. All the girls are small, but Ivory is just more so. This was clear as I cleaned out the closet the other day. Normally on a child's birthday, I get down the labeled box and fill said child's drawers with the new size. They always feel very special and think they are getting lots of new clothes. Well, it never quite works for Ivory, because she never fits the size for her age. I had forgotten that I left a bucket load of pants in the 5T box because they were just too long for her. But low and behold, now that she is 6 and almost a half, all the pants fit her*. And by fit, they are still a titch too long, but it looks stylish, not like she is wearing the wrong size.

I don't mind that she is so far behind in sizes, but the problem lies in the fact that Daisy is usually right on with her size, or slightly ahead. I think I only have a year or two until they are wearing the same size. Good thing they like to share clothes.

*Actually, it is very common for all my girls to be behind at least one size from their age. Robyn wears 7's even though she is eight. And I think June finally fits in the 8's although she will soon be 10. Okay, I have shrimpy kids. What can I say?

Father's Day—Thou Hast Come and Gone Yet Again 

Yes, I know it is pathetic that I have no pictures of Father's Day. I kept meaning to take a picture but we were pretty busy that day. The girls and I made Tyler breakfast in bed. I tried these new Cream Cheese Danishes that were easy and yummy, and then I proceeded to eat a dozen. Does it help that they were smaller than normal Danish size?? I may have a weakness for pastries.

The girls made cards for Dad and bought him Jelly Beans. This is mainly so we could write down this poem and stick it to the side of the jar:

 Beans, beans the magical fruit,
The more you eat, the more you toot.
The more you toot, the better you feel,
So let's have beans for every meal.

The girls heard that a few weeks ago and really think it's funny. (The potty humor may have been passed down and NOT by me.)

The big gift was a GoPro for Tyler. He proceeded to make several videos. I'll have to have him put one on here. He looks just like Mr. Bean when that camera is on his head. I think he had a good Father's Day.

And I wanted to say that my Dad is pretty awesome too. I tend to get wrapped up planning things for the girls to do for their Dad, so much so, that mine gets put in a shadow. But he is an amazing man. I am lucky to have him for a Father and I really enjoyed seeing him recently. It is hard living away from family. I miss all you guys in Washington.

And tomorrow I will get some pictures on here. Okay, that is not a promise, but I will try my darndest.


Scott and Svetlana said...
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Scott and Svetlana said...

OMG, how i missed reading your blog. With all this school and two kids at home I forgot how fun and entertaining to read your scribbles. J.k. I really like how you write!
NO naps? Holy Moly! I'm not looking for that one with mine 2,5 yo Domino, not that I'm taking nap during his nap, but i get some sanity time.
Loved that poem. I giggled really hard :)Thanks for sharing.
Your girls are pretty-petite-little-peas. So cute like their mom :)