Monday, October 15, 2012

Fete Day (Continued)

I hope you are prepared for a whole lot more pictures. Because, I've got them. And even more after that. But I have been nice to limit them to my favorite.

Let's highlight some of the other events.


Jordyn made this face.

Right before she hurled her balloon. Look at those muscles.

Here are some other fun ones.

Jaylee used her toes. Is that legal?

Three legged Race: (Everyone ran in this, so Tyler carried the Go Pro with him and recorded the race. He can take still shots off it, and I had him pull this particular picture. That would be Jordyn and McKenzie celebrating their victory over Tyler and Ryan.)

Baton Relay Race: (This also was recorded by Go Pro. I had Tyler take a starting shot, and then one of the finish. I think you can tell who won with my helpful hints.)

And then Long Jump. This one was so fun to see pictures of. I am including one of everyone. And we'll introduce the people we missed in the Obstacle Course. Starting with the men:

In case you were wondering. I was there to watch that toes didn't cross the line....not just to have a front row seat.

The medals were given out at the end. It probably should have been more formal with a podium or something, but we were running out of daylight and we had dozens to give out. So most were received much like this.

Then we exchanged gifts. And had ice cream cake. Of course, I forgot the forks. :)

And if you have been confused as to where all these people fit together, here are the cute families and their medals.

Too bad my children decided to put the medals over their faces. Those medals were pretty cool though.

And so ends another awesome Fete Day. (Or perhaps it ended two months ago, but for those of you who weren't there, does that really matter?) If you feel bad that you missed it, you may wear orange tomorrow in honor of Fete Day.


meganmushrat said...

You are probably going to have the request to do Olympics again on your next Fete day. If Dad and I can manage to come, I think we should be the judges, rather than participants. We can sit on the sidelines and hold up big numbers to show how good we thought people did. And I can put little verses on the medals! What fun!

¡Vieve! said...

So fun! These days always look so much fun, and holy cow did you guys get away with a lot of medals!