Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This theme was much easier to find, although I admit that many things are past the bud stage around here. The lilacs are finished up. My tulips (all 2 of them) had their run. Even the dandelions are gone, but that is because I pulled them all up. Huzzah!

However, the roses are just poking their noses out.

My one neighbor (not the chicken one) has a wild lawn, and yet you can find beautiful flowers that dutifully make their stand each year. I believe this is an Iris.

Another neighbor (still not the chicken one) with an immaculate lawn, has some very interesting flowers starting to bloom. I don't even know what these are.

Immaculate lawn guy would love to see us take better care of our yard since our grass is touching. He also doesn't have five small children to herd around. I'm sure he was happy to see me uprooting dandelions, but it wasn't for him. It is my own personal battle. This year the tide has turned.


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meganmushrat said...

While I was getting my hair cut yesterday, Sally made Niles take a picture of the huge peony (I think it was a peony) that she had cut out in her yard and was keeping in her salon. She is a flower person, something I am sad to say I am not. I can hardly recognize one flower from another, and I definitely have a brown thumb. Nice pictures.