Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yard Work Photo Shoot

My kids will find almost any excuse to take a picture. Wait, me too.

So, it wasn't surprising when the kids borrowed my phone for an impromptu fashion show one sunny Saturday. While we were mowing, trimming, and weeding, the kids found a use for some of the small blossoms on our bushes.

June did Pearl's hair first.

Then she handed the phone off to Pearl. You can tell, because MANY of the pictures have her finger in them somewhere. She did a good job documenting her sisters beautimous personages.

Then because she had the phone, she decided to document the day.

But she must have felt like the color pictures were stifling her creative genius, because she changed to black and white. (For the record, I looked at all the buttons and gadgets on my camera app and I still cannot figure out how to take pictures in black and white.)

There you have a somewhat typical Saturday. I like Moxy's damp fur from a bath. And how you can only see part of Tyler as he works hard on the yard. I am not normally outside for long due to allergies, but I was waging my own personal battle against the dandelions. (I am currently winning.) I appreciate my guest photographer. I think she has potential, if she can just get those fingers behind the lens. :)

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