Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Domestic Bird Portrait

Yes, I need to do some catching up on my photo challenge. The bird wasn't supposed to be a hard one. I thought about a friend with a parakeet, but I couldn't get a hold of her. My neighbors have chickens, so I was going to pop over there for three weeks now. Sheesh. Sometimes my good intentions aren't even real intentions.

But I got over there today. My lovely neighbor told me to come over any time. So I walked over and there were no chickens to be seen. Apparently they were out prowling. There is a wooded area behind her house and I'm assuming the chickens were in there. I checked the normal places, like the other neighbors yard. (That neighbor does NOT want chickens in her yard at all, so they sense that and come anyway.) But they weren't there.

As I got closer to the coop, a lone chicken darted to the back and clucked away at me. They must have left that one as a guard. I'm not a huge chicken fan, so I gave the hen her space. I took a picture through the chicken wire and I liked the lightened effect it gave around the bird. Nevermind that the chicken is turned away from me.

I accept this photo as a good attempt to catch a domestic bird. And I realize that I won't be getting chickens any time soon. Even if they are cute and fluffy to start off. (Heavens, I was going to put a link to the fuzzy chick post, but apparently that never happened. I guess you can look forward to a fuzzy chick post.)

Next up: B&W - STEADFAST

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meganmushrat said...

Like I said in a later blog - pity chicks have to grow up to be chickens.