Monday, May 9, 2016

My Offspring at Their Best

This is practically a current event, it being only a day after Mother's Day. I thought I would share all the great stuff my kids did for me. They are very sweet and actually go a bit overboard. If I could get Daisy to clean the house instead of making me cute notes, the domicile would be spotless from top to bottom. (That kid really writes a LOT of notes.)

But regardless of how they want to show love (or how I want them to show love) they are amazing kids and I appreciate all they do. They really make me feel like a great mom, when I know I am only above average half the year.

I don't let the kids bring me breakfast in bed, but I did get some really cute cinnamon toast. They used cookie cutters to make shapes.

All the girls together, with a little help from Dad, put together an assortment of magnets for me. They are so creative and darling. I love every one.

The kids brought me down to the table strewn with trinkets and I was able to look at each in turn.

I think the original idea came from Daisy, since her class made magnets for the moms. Most of the magnets are paper, except for one that has Daisy's face.

Then came the notes. Notes upon notes upon notes. Most of them were from Daisy. But many were from Pearl. I believe she made me this cool snowflakes.

I think I have watched too much Hobbit lately, because every time I see that picture, I think I look like Gollum from the animated film. What do you think? I can totally see it.

Anyway, moving on. Ivory wanted very much to make me a shirt. Together, she and Dad designed the heart and cut it out of vinyl. Super awesome!

Oh, here is my favorite card from Pearl. She is doing so well with her writing. I like how she ran out of room, but put an arrow, so I could find the 'Y' on Mother's Da...

Robyn made me an original artwork. It is on some very heavy wood. I think it is splendid, but I won't be able to hang that one up.

June made me several pairs of earrings and a necklace to match. I wore them to church and got many compliments.

It really was a wonderful day. My fridge is now much more colorful.

We were joking around. We took Daisy's magnet and put it over her teacher's face on her wedding announcement.

It was classic to see Daisy's expression when she saw it.

Miss Thomas only has a few more days to be Miss Thomas.

I also got a movie from my visiting teachers. I can't wait to watch it. It is called Mom's Night Out. It looks really funny and has the guy who plays Samwise. (Seriously...too much Tolkien.)

I'll leave you with an original song, sung by two of my littles. It is dedicated to you know who. (Hint: Not Voldemort.)

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing women that I know! I feel when I am a good mom, all those women who influenced me for good can take some credit for that.

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meganmushrat said...

I spent Mother's day sleeping. I think the only gift I got was the one you sent, but then holidays aren't celebrated much around here. Pity.