Thursday, June 23, 2016

B&W Automobiles

Sure, I'm slightly behind on my photography challenge, but since I never submit any pictures, I guess it doesn't matter. Today, our picture comes from my good ole standby...the van. This vehicle is with me all the time. We go in the morning, we go in the afternoon, we go at night. I spend more time in my van than I do at many tasks, including exercise and blogging at the moment.

This van isn't perfect. There is something wrong with the rotors we believe. It shakes like a crazy beast going down steep hills. Also, there is quite the ding on the side on the car. Behold.

Almost a year ago exactly, I was coming home from Disneyland. I had a nasty cold and I wasn't feeling good at all. I got home and Tyler took off for Idaho to visit with his dad. Which left me with all the kids, which is fine, except when I am feeling awful. Sunday dawned and I knew I wasn't going to church, but I figured I could drive the kids down there.

After dropping them off, I came home and parked in the middle of the garage, which is what I liked to do when I knew Tyler wasn't going to be home. I suddenly remembered in my fog of illness that it was Sunday and he would be coming home later that evening after all. I was so tired, but I figured it was best to move the car before I forgot. I pulled out at a funny angle and tried to enter the garage on the right side.

It didn't go so well. I ended up hitting the side of the garage which is brick and wood. There was a horrible crunching sound and all I could think was...."Darn it. Tyler is NOT going to like this. I should not be driving around when I'm sick."

The only bright side I could find about this incident was that I can now distinguish my van from all the identical vans like it. (And there are plenty around here.) Oh, and Tyler was very nice not to be too mad at me. He said that he needs to work out his anger about the car getting damaged BEFORE the kids start driving. It is the least I can do to help. :)

Next Up: Backlit - Translucent Nature

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meganmushrat said...

I remember when Grandma Pat came to visit and our car was so banged up that she bought us another one. She was horrified that her precious grandchildren were being driven around in such a wreck!