Sunday, June 26, 2016

Robyn's 12 Year Gallery

Guess who finally got their birthday pictures done? Lucky, she still looks as cute as the day she turned...

I can't remember why I am so behind on this one. It is not uncommon for Robyn to end up with summer birthday photos, but I do feel a little guilt every time it happens. I'm just pleased that we haven't passed Daisy's birthday yet.

Robyn is growing up. (They do that.) She is still a fantastic combination of child and young woman at the moment. She likes many of the things she did when she was younger but her humor and inquisitiveness are of an older mind. She is very cuddly. I get hugs from her all the time. (She asks me if I want a hurg.) I usually get hurgs when I am in a bad mood. (Not that that happens often.) She can sense when my stress level goes up, and she tries to bring it down with a good squeeze. (It usually works.)

I can usually find Robyn reading somewhere. We made this deal that if she read a book I recommended and liked it, then I would buy her a book she wanted in return. I don't see how she can lose at this deal, since I obviously recommend stellar books. She still loves the piano and doing art stuff as well. I am amazed at all the creative faces she gives her creations. Every face I draw looks the same, but with her people, you can tell exactly how they feel.

I'm always looking for fun locations to take pictures and we scored big this time. We happened to take a jaunt up to Idaho and that means we got to use Grandma Cazier's yard, which is a wonderland of its own. I think you will enjoy these lovely pictures of a lovely girl. (Even I make a cameo in there. See if you can find me.)

The only downside of this excursion was that we never went anywhere in the car, so we didn't stop somewhere for a treat. Trust me, Robyn will not let me forget this, and I'm sure we'll make it out sometime to grab a delicious snack.

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meganmushrat said...

What fun to look at these pictures. She is truly a beautiful girl, and will be an amazing woman when she grows up. How blessed you are to have her in your family.