Thursday, June 23, 2016

Backlit - Translucent Nature

Man. This theme was throwing me for a loop. I was not at all sure what I was going to photograph. Some ideas they gave were of birds with their wings spread with the sun shining through. Or maybe a large wave with the special glow as the sun shines through it. Ha. There is no way I was going to capture that shot with my limited time and location. However, they (the infamous THEY) did give us permission to be creative and look for our own interpretation. (To be fair, one of their examples was garbage left in nature that was translucent and backlit. Got it. I can stretch this theme.)

When we went to the MOA, I found my backlit translucent photo. And since it is something that occurs in nature, although maybe not naturally in this case, I counted it. Behold, my rainbow.

I love the vibrant colors created with the string. From this particular angle, you can see the range of color and the two separate shafts of the rainbow. Pretty awesome and acceptable to me for this category, for sure.


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