Monday, June 13, 2016

School Projectitus

I seem to have a lot of photos from school related events. They don't all need their own post, and by this point, I don't have time to blog them separately. So let's delve back into the educational landscape and take a peek here and there.

Robyn had a Country Fair (not to be confused with County) back in March. Everyone chose their partners and I believe that Robyn and Cale were the only boy and girl partnership. They had a little crush thing going on around Valentine's Day, but there is nothing like a school project to squash all romance. (I believe they are still friends though.)

Robyn attended a Writer's Conference in April. It was a great experience where the kids got writing tips from many authors. I liked it because I dropped the kids off and they were on their own. It is important to be in weird situations and figure out what to do. I found them at the end during the keynote speaker.

They seemed to have a great time and we got some books signed. I'm currently reading the kids, False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen. Robyn is shorter than all these girls, but I swear she bends down right before a photo. (I need to train her to tip-toe instead.)

Abbi, Addi, Esther, Robyn

Robyn's class also did a Poetry House where they recited memorized poems for the younger grades. I came and it was fun to see all the kids up there. Not many kids memorized long poems. Most were short and sweet. I was proud of Robyn for memorizing a lot of Nauseous Nocturne, a Calvin and Hobbes poem. Here she is reciting it.

I like how everyone snapped at the end instead of clapping. It ended up being one of the last events that Mrs. Spadafora was able to attend. She was put on bed rest shortly after and sixth grade basically ended for Robyn. With a sub, who had no control over the class, nothing got done the last month of school.

Meanwhile, Daisy (in 2nd grade) had her patriotic program. She was adorable as always.

Here is Daisy, and two kids down, Henry, a family friend.

The second grade teachers did a great job this year. There were seven! 2nd grade classes. So many kids at this school. (Daisy's teacher is in blue.)

I barely managed to snag a picture of Daisy by the flag, but it seemed like a good way to end the program.

The last week of school, Ivory had a County Fair (not to be confused with Country). The best part about it was that they did ALL the work at school. (Thank you blessed teachers.) She did Beaver County and I can't remember anything about it. (I'm a good mom.) I do remember that she borrowed that necklace from me and broke it, and then someone stole it.

Robyn received the Hope of America award. It is a fairly prestigious honor to get it. Only one girl and boy from each class are chosen.

It was a little strange because Mrs. Spadafora was not there (see previous reason) and she had chosen two girls from her class. (Weird. Did none of the boys qualify?) They had everyone stand up there for pictures and all the teachers were snapping away. Naturally, no one was really taking pictures of us because Robyn's teacher wasn't there. So, we took a selfie. And really, I don't need an award to remind me Robyn is super clutch awesome.

June had her last Orchestra concert. They sounded really awesome. Can you see her back there?

June would easily move on to advanced next year (she was in intermediate) but there were auditions to make Chamber Orchestra (the highest level in Jr. High). June tried out and was very nervous about the outcome. (I wasn't. She is really good.)

She made it in, along with most of her friends. I took Hannah and June out to celebrate their achievements.

I feel bad leaving Pearl out. She also had a Kindergarten Program, but we were so far back, I didn't take any pictures. (Not sure why. That is rather weird.) She did a great job, and I got plenty of pictures of her graduation. But that folks, is a post for another day.

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meganmushrat said...

When Dad looked over my shoulder at the picture of Daisy - he thought it was Ivory. He found it hard to believe that Daisy is getting so grown up! The kids have done an awesome job in school this year!