Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You Only Graduate from Sixth Grade Once (Hopefully)

It is fun that June and Robyn are only a year apart in school. I don't forget how things are supposed to go in between years. (That is helpful for a forgetful mom.) Last year, June's class put on an awesome 6th Grade Graduation party because the school didn't do anything.

Luckily, Robyn's school did something because I'm sure nothing would have happened through the class, based on the last-month-of-school vacuum with the sub. (To give the kids some credit, they did throw a baby shower for Mrs. Spadafora all on their own.) The school put on a traditional graduation where the kids walked across the stage and received their NOVA awards and their elementary school diplomas. It was pretty crowded, you can imagine. I got there early and I'm glad I did because as I was looking at the program, I noticed that Robyn's name was NOT on the program. (Classic.) I didn't care so much about the piece of paper, but I was concerned that they wouldn't call her name to cross the stage. I would have worried less if her teacher was up there calling names, but with an alternate, there was more likely to be confusion. So I bustled out and found someone in charge and they dutifully wrote Robyn's name onto the program so they wouldn't forget her. I saw her out in the hallway while I was scooting around.

Here she is right before they called her up, which they did, thankfully.

Afterward, it was crazy busy. I managed to snap a photo of Robyn with Saphira. Saphira is from Brazil and she speaks mostly Portuguese. Robyn spent a lot of time helping Saphira learn basic English and playing games with her. They became fast friends.

Oh, I never got a picture of Stella. She is to the left of Robyn here. She was the other recipient of the 'Hope of America' award in Robyn's class.

I had to grab this picture of Robyn with Porter because I was reminded of first grade when they took a picture after the Christmas program. grow up quickly.

Here's another flashback with Robyn and Jenna.

Porter's mom tried to get Spadafora's class back onstage for a group shot. Here they are 'dabbing'. I looked it up because I didn't know if they made it up or not. Apparently it is a dance move that looks kind of like you are sneezing. Weird.

And here is the last class picture of the year. Congrats kids. You are on your way to Jr. High!!

Although the last month was ridiculous, I think Robyn had a great year. Mrs. Spadafora was an awesome teacher for her and I think she learned a lot of things, both academically and socially. Mrs. Spadafora sent us parents a batch of photos from the year. I thought it would be nice to put some on the blog so Robyn could look back and remember her sixth grade year.

I think the funniest part of the whole thing was that Mrs. Wheeler, another sixth grade teacher, was appalled that we didn't have a program with Robyn's name on it. She told me she would print one for me and give it to Robyn. She later texted me and told me she had left the programs in the library. She printed 40 copies for me. I have no idea what I will do with all of them? Maybe I'll make a bookmark. I can use them for scratch paper. And if any of you desperately want a red piece of paper with Robyn's name on it (amidst dozens of other names) please let me know.

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