Monday, June 20, 2016

The Day of Dad

I have a great Father, and I'm happy that my kids have a phenomenal Dad as well. I appreciate that moms and dads don't have to be the same. We can love our parents for their strengths and hope our children can find ours as well.

Tyler is fortunate to come with many strengths and hardly any weaknesses. His girls adore him and I've never seen a man so spoiled on this holiday. We made him breakfast in bed, although he came downstairs to eat so he wouldn't spill the OJ. Then it was time for Daddy Stations.

(My kids are great at stations and this seemed like the perfect invention for pampering.)

Here is the shakedown. I'm sure you could make something similar with different numbers of kids and if your dad likes a little TLC. Station1: Youngification. i.e. pulling out Dad's white hairs. Station 2: The back massage. Station 3: One foot (rub, file nails, lotion, etc.) Station 4: The other foot. Station 5: Interviewer/Converser.

We switched every four minutes so everyone had a chance to do all the stations. It was fun to hear what questions were asked of Dad during the interview process.

We also brought in the calming animal. She loves Dad too.

After church came the important part. We had the annual Father's test. We have had other challenges in the past, but I think the Father's test will stick. I think the test will change each year, but we've decided that Dad has to earn his right to maintain 'father' status for the upcoming year. (I'm sure we would let him keep it either way, but it is fun to test him.) This year the test was to move everyone from one side of the lawn to the other side in their preferred method of transportation...all in under two minutes.

He negotiated for extending his time to three minutes and he got to choose what order he moved people. Modifications accepted.

Ready. Set. Go.

He moved me first. I requested that I stand on his feet and he dance me across. (Harder than it looks actually.)

Next up - Ivory. She chose to sit in the rocker and be moved like a queen. The rocker didn't make it, but Ivory did.

Daisy chose wheelbarrow style. Looking good.

Pearl and June requested shoulders. Tyler took the heavier cargo first. Wise choice. But he moved both expertly.

The last...well, I don't even know what to call what Robyn chose. She wanted to be upside down, with her hands on Dad's feet and Dad holding her legs. Strange, but it worked.

As he dashed across the finish line, we checked his time. 1:59. (I knew he could do it in 2 minutes.) Tyler has officially kept his 'Father' status. He is allowed to demand the Daddy Tax for another year.

The kids brought him cards and little gifts throughout the whole day. They kept thinking of fun creative ways to show their appreciation. I had no idea that they got the chalk out, but I was amazed by all the drawings that I found. Seriously, there was some serious effort that went into these. Sometimes I hate sidewalk chalk. It is so beautiful and so temporary.

The display of affection lasted right up until bedtime. The last event of the evening was an original song by Ivory and June. They put the alphabet on the keys of the piano and then 'played' a message for Dad.

The tune was a bit random, but it was very creative. After, we all played our names to hear how they sounded. I think 'Mommy' sounded the best. Although 'Bedtime' had a nice ring to it.

It was a wonderful Father's Day. A Father is a special person. We missed Barry today (Tyler wore pink socks) and we hope Dad Dargan had a good day in WA. Hugs to all the wonderful men in our life.

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meganmushrat said...

I don't think I'm going to let Dad read this blog - he would be so jealous. He did get a peaches and cream pie though.