Saturday, February 23, 2008

Over or Under?

It is time for me to tell you my funny story, and although Tyler claims it is HIS funny story, I was the one laughing.
When we were first married, we lived in a tiny apartment (most of you know what I mean). It had the endearing qualities that you find in many old establishments. Ours had the joy of a really small water heater, so whoever showered first got the only hot water. This was really good for getting someone out of bed. If you heard the shower go on, you would jump out and shower with your spouse so you didn't get a cold shower later. I am sure it brought us closer together early on in our marriage. Then again, Tyler and I have never been a squeamish couple.
The bathroom we had was very tiny and the toilet was very close to the tub (Tyler could not sit with his legs straight in front of him, he had to sit at a bit of an angle), and there was a heater vent right under the toilet paper, adding to the overall claustrophobia of the room.
I joined the marriage being a firm toilet paper 'under' girl and Tyler was an 'over' guy. He didn't seem set in his ways, so I was sure that I could convert him in time. But the darn heating vent was in the wrong place. It was hard to grab the toilet paper from under the roll. Tyler had mentioned this a few times, but we only had the one bathroom and if I was going to train him, I had to remain strong. But eventually even I was getting annoyed at the toilet paper vs. heater.
One day, I was doing my hair and Tyler had just finished peeing in the toilet (once again, not a squeamish couple). He must have been thinking about the toilet paper problem because he told me again that it would make more sense going over. I was ready to give in, and so I said, "Fine, if you want the toilet paper to go over the roll, we can try it like that for a while." Well Tyler thought--there's no time like the present--so he reached down and immediately switched the roll around. He was very proud of himself and so he reached down, took a good yank on the toilet paper and said, "Now, isn't that better?"
Well, the holder had not locked in properly and the whole roll popped out, right into the toilet that Tyler had just peed in. I just about died laughing. I tried to control the tears as I said, "Yes, your way is much better." I think he was a little chagrined as he fished it out, but I thought it was hilarious. And the roll stayed over the rest of the time we lived there. In fact, I was converted. I am now a toilet paper 'over' girl. Which makes me sad, because there really are fewer 'unders' out there and I feel like I have deserted the cause, but I truly think it is easier to grab the paper when it rolls over, and I have my darling husband who showed me the way.


Sharon said...

I am an over and under girl, lol. Does this mean I'm flexible? Oh, I used to switch the toilet paper roll in my apartment with my roommates and I would do it just for the giggles, not with an agenda. It was sooo much fun.

Did I win the $20? I'm really poor and need to pay off my debt, lol.


kari said...

That's funny. Need write my story but I need to get my new blog up and running.

Vieve! said...

I am totally an over girl-I can't even use the bathroom in a public place if its under! I can't believe how not squeamish the two of you are!

Ker said...

Im an under girl! Thanks for sharing.

Stacy said...

Who has the toilet paper under? Never even heard of it! Now growing up in a family of all girls and the toilet seat up or down issue was a much bigger ordeal. Now that I am totally outnumbered in the gender area, I fear that constantly having to put the toilet seat down will be my everlasting fate...

Tim said...