Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sweet Love

Yes, I have officially been re-nominated for Mother of the Year. All it took was a little sugar and a lot of love. Just kidding, but I am feeling pretty good about actually doing an activity like this with my kids. Especially since I was the worst sick mom during Christmas time when everyone was making cute Christmas cookies. So now I have redeemed myself. Whew! Don't have to do this again until December.
Oh, June wanted a frosting face picture so here it is...which is really funny to me because she gets more stuff on her face eating a graham cracker, so how she managed to look so clean after eating a cookie with frosting is beyond me.

And here is my cutie Robyn. If you notice a lack of Ivory, it may be because I did this during her nap time. I thought it would be cleaner. Of course, now that I have admitted this, my award will probably be taken away, but it was mine for 10 seconds.


Vieve! said...

These cookies were so delicious! Thanks for bringing them in, girls!

Stacy said...

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