Saturday, October 30, 2010


Every Monday before Halloween we carve our pumpkins. I wish I had cute pictures from when we picked them out, but sadly I am either taking pictures OR participating. I was looking for my own pumpkin in particular this last time, so no camera. Also, when we got to carving, every hand was needed considering there were technically seven pumpkins to carve and only two adults. So I do have a few pictures, but only of the finished product and not the actual carving. Sometimes I do okay going back and forth between activity and pictures, but when my hands are covered in pumpkin guts...not so much.

June did her own carving this year, and Robyn worked really hard at scraping out her own guts. I was very impressed. Tyler spent extra time getting us a cool night shot. Check it out.

From left to right: My haunted house pumpkin (don't you love the flare in the doorway?), June's two face (he had a face on both sides), Tyler's Ralph, and Ivory's BOO.

We had some friends over to carve with us. Crystal and Corbin were very nice. They don't have any kids of their own and Crystal said it was very amusing to watch our kids. (Amusing is better than annoying, right?) Here is their finished product and Robyn's pumpkin on the right. (And yes that is Ivory in the picture, not Robyn.)

And not to be forgot, we did think of Daisy and Pearl, but once we had five pumpkins carved, we called it good and used the fun faces. (Left to right: Pearl's and Daisy's)

 Daisy actually loved hers. She would proudly stand in front of it and say, "Daisy pumpkin."

Pumpkin carving may be messy but it is one activity that I would really miss this time of year. That said, I think I may have to try this instead next year.

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¡Vieve! said...

Those are some good looking pumpkins - I'm jealous, I can't carve one to save my life.