Sunday, October 10, 2010

Squeaky Clean

Yes, there will be a lot of pictures, because when there is such a perfect day, you want to remember every minute.

June's baptism was amazing. The whole day she was surrounded by helpful loving people. I couldn't have done it all by myself, but no one asked me to. Family and friends stepped in to make it all happen. It was so great.

We had a luncheon for just family in the morning. (Thanks again Mom, for keeping everything flowing, I owe you one...or a million by now if you are keeping track.) It was so nice to spend time with family. I relaxed at the brunch and didn't become crazy picture lady until later. Sometimes I wonder if people get tired of me walking around with the camera, but you will all thank me later when you want to see the pictures.

The service was excellent with grandparents speaking. (June's Grandpa Cazier and Dallin's Grandma) We shared the day with the Rice family and it was splendid to stand side by side with strong righteous people. Dallin was baptized first and I took a moment to step into the dressing room and put June's towel inside. I opened the door and was greeted by the sight of five white dresses hanging—waiting for five worthy girls to make this important decision. It was one of the most tender moments for me. (My camera could only fit three, sorry.)

June was brave and calm as she entered the water. I am so proud of her. Not to mention proud of her Dad who is a worthy priesthood holder who was able to perform this special ordinance.

Dallin's Grandmother gave a talk about the Holy Ghost after the baptisms, and she made a comforter for each child. She had never met June and she didn't even skip a beat about wanting to make her day special. The world sure is full of generous souls.

Although this day was certainly serious, don't think we didn't stop to have some fun.

We had the refreshments at our ward building afterward. Once again, it was just joyous to mingle with friends and eat good food. Kathryn (have I mentioned how much I love my sister in law?) took care of my mini while I documented.

I love her boys as well. I think they are fine young men. I wish we could see them more often.

Did I mention that we always stop to have some fun. Check out these awesome cookies Melissa made. I'm going to have to have these at every baptism now. They are so perfect.

June scored some bling.

She is such a great example to her sisters.

Although the day may have been lost on some of her sisters.

I wish I could suck the feelings from this day and bottle them. I would open it and take deep breaths when I have had a hard day.

June has so many people that love her. I hope she knows that.

The event ended with a bang. Daisy's diaper literally exploded off her and we decided it was probably time to go home. If this day were a silver cloud, there was sadly a little rain at the end. Daisy and Ivory got sick and threw-up all night. (Still not sure what caused it.) Tyler the great dad that he is, stayed up all night with Daisy. We let them crash this afternoon.

Other than that, the day couldn't have been better. Thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes. There are some days that should be magical and this one did not disappoint. I am thankful for my Savior, for His example, and His gospel. I am happy to have the opportunity to teach my children to be like Him. I hope they will always follow in His footsteps.

Congratulations June and Dallin.


K Cazier said...

What a beautiful day!!! Thank you for sharing it with us, we had such a wonderful time. Your girls are so precious.... We love you so much!!!

Ker said...

Im so sorry we didnt make it Maleen. I had been sick for a week with that lovely flu. I didnt think it would be good to share that love. She looks beautiful and I am so glad you and your family had such a fabulous day!

Sean and Brittany said...

Man, we wish we would have known. We were in town for another baptism. Congrats June. It's hard to believe you are already 8. Great pics Maleen.

The Wilsons

Gaynelle said...

June looks beautiful in her white dress. Isn't it a relief to have the first one done? Now you know what to expect for the rest.

Kristin said...

Gosh, i didn't realize she is 8 already! are we getting older or just our kids--or both?!! Her baptism would have been a good excuse to see you, had i known...oh, well. congrats june!

Emma Jo said...

Adorable. It is surreal to have that first child baptized but so special. Congrats cute girl!

Janelle said...

I resisted the urge the first time around, but I can't hold it in any longer....what's with the chops??!! You are a very tolerant wife.... ;)

Janelle said...

Ahh, yes, for Wolverine, I, too, might let it slide. :)

The Shumate Family said...

what a wonderful day and beautiful pictures! Thanks for the nice comments yesterday Maleen! It's so nice to be able to peek in on your adorable family! I love June's 8 year old pics!