Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Hope He Meant It

It was good to hear Conference today.

Elder Holland reminded us that we are all trying hard and he is proud of us.

I hope he meant that because even though I am trying, I sometimes have bad days.

Like today (conference day even) when...

I finally roared at my children and they all went scurrying to bed. (This is NOT an exaggeration.)

I think they know when mom has had enough.

p.s. Even though I have had enough, I still have to go shopping tonight. Yippy Skippy.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better.


Jenaca and Stephen said...

Maleen, your amazing and I look up to you so much! It's good to hear that sometimes you have bad/hard days... then when I am a Mom I know it is ok and normal to get frustrated sometimes. ;)

Svetlana and Scott said...

Oh, I can't imagine you being "hard" mom at all. So far I think I'm the worst mom ever.