Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had such a great Halloween this year. The girls all picked something easy out of our costume box, which is probably why Tyler and I went all out. I think he looks pretty hot as Wolverine.

I don't pass very well with light hair, but I think everyone was distracted by my pants. I bought them for a buck at Walmart ages ago and I didn't try them on until a week ago. True, they were tight, but I didn't think much of it. However, I got a LOT of comments. We'll just pretend they were all good. Here I am controlling the weather. And it was the most gorgeous Halloween in ages; meaning Friday night, not Saturday when it poured.

June was the gypsy that Robyn was last year.

And Robyn was the cat that June wore last year. Nice little switcheroo there.

Ivory opted for the skeleton.

And Daisy used the Nemo costume. (I have gotten so much use out of that costume. Yay!!)

Sadly,  I never found the right stuff for Pearl, so she did not end up being the little old Chinese Man I wanted her to be. But she did make a cute Tiger. I realize this picture is not in focus, but she is scrunching up her nose in the cute smile I like, so I wanted it in here anyway.

Plus, it shows that we were friends again. Pearl was not a fan of the wig. She would cry when I picked her up. I spent most of the night holding her face out so that she wouldn't see me.

It seems that every year one parent hands out candy and the other manages the kids. This year, I split them up and sent them out. Robyn and Ivory went one way.

Daisy and June went the other. It always makes me smile when I see the older ones helping the younger ones.

Tyler and I were able to take turns at the car which means I got to see the other vehicles this year. Some people go all out.

And I love seeing grown-ups dress up. Check out these two.

Daisy was in candy heaven the whole evening. Every time I turned around she was eating another treat. Mind you, none of them came from me or from her bag (which I had taken away). I have a strict no treats until you get home policy. But that didn't matter. Daisy has some quick fingers and I am pretty sure most of her treats came from unattended candy buckets. Every time I would catch her, she would give me this same startled bewildered look, as if she had no idea how that candy got in her hand.

I do not look forward to the battles that ensue once there is massive amounts of candy in the house. Daisy has no respect for others property and Ivory begs and pleads for candy every hour. I am thinking that we will need to sell some candy to the dentist and quickly.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Aubry Macbean said...

I think you took that picture right after I threw one over your way to see who's kids would get it first. Yours or the Humphries. Daisy was the winner. It was funny she heard it land and then looked around to see where it came from before picking it up.

Emma Jo said...

Ah, Halloween, candy, costumes, I really kind of love and hate it all. Everyone looks great.

¡Vieve! said...

Those are some great costumes! I know understand the chops that Tyler was growing out. You guys all look amazing!

K Cazier said...

Your costumes are great!!! You all look sooooo good! I am glad that you had a Happy Halloween this year. Last year KJ had 7 cavities after Halloween... this year he made bank. I gave him $5.00 for his loot. And I saved myself about $300.00 in dental bills :).

Carrie Lu said...

I love all your pics, you're a fabulous photographer!