Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Days are Better Than Others

I am thinking that today may be one of those others.


My dishwasher is going
My washing machine is going
I have one child in the tub
I am covered in vomit
My baby is sleeping
It is 10:35 and I haven't gotten breakfast or a shower (although the shower seems more necessary at the moment)

Tender Mercies:

My body caught most of the throw-up thus saving the newly cleaned carpets
Robyn held Pearl in the tub while I cleaned up the incident (what did I do before I had older children to help?)
Daisy has been busy all morning, but hasn't destroyed anything yet (YET)
I slept in until almost nine this morning

I am thinking that you can find the good and the bad in any day. After all, it is Fall Break. Normally my older children wouldn't even be home to help out. I'm glad they are here today. I hope your morning is going a bit smoother than mine.

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Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

I'm sorry Maleen! I hope you all are feeling better soon!