Monday, October 25, 2010


We came home from the store last weekend and found the bread like this.

There were two holes and lots of gnawing that had taken place. Likely, you might think it some rodent, but was just Daisy. She had taken the loaf out of the cart and started working on it. I swear, that kid.

And I do have other children; it is just so much fun to talk about Daisy. Today, Ivory had her school orientation. This year I braved it alone with the three youngest. Daisy was very well behaved while the pre-schoolers sang and it wasn't until two-thirds of the way through that she even got restless.

I put Pearl down on the ground to 'crawl' around. (She hasn't quite figured out how to crawl, yet she doesn't stay in the same place she started either.) Daisy was happily organizing some chairs behind me. I turned to talk to another mother for a few moments and when I turned back around, Daisy was gone. Odd, I thought. I looked around the room thinking I would find her over with the pre-schoolers at the center tables. But I couldn't see her anywhere.

I thought that maybe she had left the room, but this seemed improbable because the room was swarming with parents and high schoolers and everyone had just learned the rule that only adults were supposed to touch the door knobs. (Not that I thought Daisy was paying attention, but I was pretty sure that no one was going to let her out the door by herself.) I continued to scan the room, and finally decided that she must be outside.

Oh, and not only was she outside, but she was at the end of a VERY long hallway. And not only was she at the end, but she had taken a chair with her. This boggled my mind. I could see her escaping out a door while someone was not paying attention as they left, but to get a chair out with her was truly cunning. Never ceases to amaze me, this one.

I know she will read this someday and think that I was overwhelmed by her. (Which I am.) But I am also overwhelmed with love for that little duck. Last Saturday the older kids and dad were out somewhere and Pearl was sleeping, so it was just Daisy and me. I thought I would get a lot done, but she curled up in my lap at the computer and we just sat and watched youtube music together. It was so fun and she is so cuddly. Daisy liked Bruno Mars in particular. It sounds crazy, but I might actually miss this two year old phase when it is gone.

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Emma Jo said...

What a sneaky little girl. I love one on one time, I wish it was more frequent but maybe thats what makes it so special.