Thursday, October 28, 2010


So I am feeling overwhelmed by posts that haven't even happened yet. Halloween means plenty of photo ops and craziness. But let's spin this to the positive again. The more posts I have to write, the easier November will be, right? And why do I feel compelled to write a post per day in November, you ask? I don't know. It just seems like a cool challenge that I can actually do. You know, something that I can control. (I am a bit of a control freak sometimes, and with five kids, I am out of practice.)

Last night, we had a great Halloween party. There was plenty of great black-mail photos that will come later. For now, let's focus on the costumes. I am still a kid at heart and I like a good excuse to dress up. Our first place winners were the Moses'. I am still loving this idea and I think Darin makes an excellent Ed Mcmahon.

Second place was yours truly: Storm and Wolverine. (The awesome wink is to hide my devil eye.)

Third place went to the Neilsen's, a.k.a. Hot 80's rockers.

I loved the Jett's idea for everyday condiments.

We weren't the only super people there. The Sondrups were pretty super too.

This is how you look when your sitter falls through and your husband stays home with the kids. But Aubry was a hot solo pirate.

I wouldn't mess with the Ah You's. They mean business.

I'll give you a minute to figure out Mr. Oak's costume (he's on the right, look closely).

Okay, are you ready. Facebook. Get it? (Yes, the 'BOOK' is pretty hard to read, so 1000 bonus points if you got that.)

I am loving this group. The Buhler 'Dear' is cute, but I can't get over the ladybug.

We had some gypsy crashers. (Just kidding, Rachelle's sister Sarah and her friend Morgan were good sports for the hoops I made everyone jump through.)

So stay tuned for more party madness...perhaps in November.

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Emma Jo said...

I have no creativity when it comes to our own costumes so I am starting a file right now of all these awesome costumes that people come up with. What a fun party!