Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a Mystery...No, it's a Puzzle

I always saw myself as a puzzle person. I had this mini fantasy that I would have a table set up in my house with a constant puzzle in process. People could come and go as they please, placing a piece here and there as they go about their business. The bubble was popped long ago since our house has zero extra space to leave a table solely devoted to a puzzle. Plus, with an ever present toddler, I think I would have gone crazy long ago reassembling sections over and over.

And so I started a tradition (shocking, I know) where we do a puzzle once a year at Christmas time. We put in on the island and everyone is welcome to contribute. The kids always put in a few pieces each and this year Daisy was our disassembler. Tyler actually put together most of it this year, while I was in Washington. We always use a Christmas themed puzzle, and technically I think we are supposed to swap puzzles with extended family, but that hasn't quite been worked in yet.

So here is our masterpiece.

It never takes us long to finish, Tyler and I are too competitive. Maybe it is best that we only do one puzzle a year.


Emma Jo said...

I love puzzles!! We did one with the girls a couple of years ago when Hazel was still too small to know that she was supposed to be messing it up. Not sure I am ready to try again just yet. But it is fun!!

¡Vieve! said...

Good looking puzzle! I love having puzzles about, but sadly, having no room has taken that away. And the small childrens, always taking my pieces. But good job!

Desmama said...

I love it! You've given me a good idea . . . (actually, it's just one of many good ideas you've passed along, so thanks!)

The Simpson Times said...

How fun! Mark and I both love puzzles too, but we have two disassemblers. Besides, not only would they disassemble the puzzle but they'd lose a whole bunch of pieces in the process! We do have a locked Lego/Gym we could put a puzzle in...hmmm, it's a thought!!