Saturday, April 16, 2016

B&W - Street

Again, I am a little behind on my photo challenges. But there is nothing as good as a day of ketchup. (As long as you have fries.)

When we last left off, our next stop was the street. And to make it a little more nitty gritty, the request was black and white.

I was very impressed with the feel the black and white gave to this photo. It seemed just ordinary before, but the black and white made me look at it again.

I'll tell you what I like about this picture. look at it first. Then I'll tell you.

Okay. Some things I like:

1. The clouds
2. The centered flag, that I didn't even know was in the picture until I changed it to black and white
3. The Statue of Liberty that is covering his face (I think he saw me taking a picture and was trying to hide. Which is weird because he is already in a costume.)
4. The mountains (This could be a street anywhere, but the mountains say Utah to me.)

I guess that is all.


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