Friday, April 22, 2016

Take Part in Art

Wow! Can I just say wow? After going to the art show at the Junior High, I feel like there is an artist in all of us. Maybe not the traditional kind, but I was blown away by all the creative ability on display. There was more this year than last. The art wound all the way through the halls. It was almost impossible to choose a favorite. I wish I could have taken pictures of every type of art, but that would have been dozens and dozens. I will show you our families favorites though. (And if you ever have a chance to visit a student art it!)

Let's start with Ivory. She chose her piece out of a section where kids would listen to different types of music and do sketches that came to their minds. She wasn't the only one who liked this, since it got a blue ribbon. (I asked the art teacher and she has six professional artists come in to judge, although students also get to vote on their favorites.)

Pearl fell in love with another ceiling tile. They are the first things you see as you come in, but I know that Pearl looked around a lot and still loved this one.

Tyler picked one in a category I didn't see last year. This theme is to take the picture into the border. These apples are amazing. (One of my favorites too.)

June also choose one in this category. (I think it was a Daisy favorite as well.)

Robyn picked one in the Media/Texture category. This piece is awesome and just Robyn's flavor.

This glitter girl is also Media/Texture. This was Daisy's other favorite.

And one more in that same category, but you can see that she won the School Purchase Award. (This was Tyler's other favorite.)

I had a hard time as usual picking just one. I always LOVE the graph art. It is amazing, but it usually doesn't contain my favorite. However, I took a picture of the winning piece.

The Zentangle art is fantastic. That is what we call it, but the actual name for this style is Pyscho-Realism. Remember the pineapple from last year? This bear is amazing.

But my favorite fell into the same category as last time. I have a name for it now: Surrealism. I think it is so intriguing to see the twists people come up with in their minds. I think this dancer turning tree is phenomenal. (Maybe it is a tree turning dancer? Are we tree...or are we dancer?)

Thanks for taking an art stroll with us. There were still many categories not covered. I wish you could see them all. Then I realize this is just one Junior High in the nation. There are creative kids all over the world. You can see why I think there is an artist in us all.

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meganmushrat said...

I agree with you - WOW! I hadn't realized how creative people can be, although it shouldn't surprise me. There are amazing talents in this world. I wish I could have been there to see them all.