Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Let's Get Cracking - Grade School Style

As usual, there are multiple Crack Offs to blog about. (I think there are more every year.) Six this year.

1. Ivory's class
2. Robyn's class
3. Neighborhood
4. June's friends
5. Tyler's work
6. Family

We don't skimp when it comes to cracking eggs. I can't combine them all, but we'll see what we can do to cut down on the madness. Today, I'll cover the school Crack Offs.

I promised Ivory I would do one in her class this year. Fourth grade is about the right age to start. The day before Easter weekend is the best time, but because I had two classes, we did one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Ivory was first up. Everyone arrived and we got right to business coloring eggs.

This girl is ready to go!

These eggs are very colorful. The kids did such a great job. It is almost sad to crack them....but it must be done.

Ivory did well. I think she won her first battle, but succumbed to her next attacker.

Mrs. Boyer cracked on her first try. But she had a whole hoard of sympathizers.

Our winners were Hailey and Bailey. Good job girls!

Although Ivory's egg clearly didn't make it, I really liked her colorful stripes.

Now over to Robyn's class. Robyn actually wasn't feeling well that day, so she didn't come until the afternoon, but she didn't want to miss the Crack Off. Here is her sneaky egg. (Love that her spelling is still about the same as usual. Don't be fooled...she is an amazing writer; just not speller.)

The kids do a great job decorating. Some are more complex than others.

This batch isn't quite as colorful as 4th grade, but they will work just as well.

I put everyone into the bracket randomly. (I promise.) I've never had a complaint except for last year when Kaden's mom requested that he not go up against June again. (They randomly were paired up two years in a row and the mom thought that was unfair since clearly June has the advantage having done so many Crack Offs. Hahahaha. I didn't think it was worth arguing. I just moved her son to a different slot. He ended up losing anyway, but at least it wasn't to June.)

Robyn was randomly paired with Mrs. Spadafora. She was so polite and apologized to Robyn that she was going to have to crack her egg.

And she sure did.

But her loss later was as bitter and her victory was sweet. (We have all been there.)

Lizbeth and Carlos were the winners that day.

It is so fun to go into the classrooms and do a Crack Off. The moms, teachers, and kids love it. We didn't have any sore losers and everyone got a treat at the end. I would call that a rousing success! Special thanks to my photographer Tyler who came to both events. He was a life saver.

Two down, 4 to go.

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