Saturday, April 9, 2016

Not a Baby Anymore

First, I would like to tell you that even the best laid plans are thwarted. It is spring break here...well, the end of it anyway, and I was excited to do some catching up on the blog. But last Sunday evening, the power went out; very randomly, since it was a nice day outside and not stormy at all. With the power going out, there also went the computer that holds all my information. It is our storage computer. It wouldn't have been so much of a problem, except the power button is gone, so you have to do some tricky tinkering to get it running again. Tyler started it for me again, but in doing so, dropped the side panel which fell into the computer, shorting the entire system. Ouch!

And so, this entire week...I have had time, but no access to my images. Cruel Irony if you ask me. I am just getting up and running, and next week we will be back to the same hectic schedule that seems to consume all my time. Ah well...I'll get there eventually. The goal is not to give up.

Let's go back in time today and celebrate a birthday. Our little Pearly P turned six last month. She sure is growing up. I can see it in her mannerisms and humor. Granted, she can still have a temper tantrum with the best of them, but I see that she understands more and is learning advantageous ways to stay out of trouble.

She woke up to a present. Tyler had made a special shirt for her.

Pearl has many nicknames, but Pearlite is one of Tyler's favorite for her.

Even though she is the smallest, she still gets all the same perks. We brought her balloons at school. (This was particularly tricky because it was the last day of Battle of the Books. Also, Daisy had Dad's and Donuts that day, so we were racing around.)

And she got to go to lunch with Dad. (Yum. J-Dawg's. Pearl's loves hot dogs.)

Of course there was cake. Pearl requested strawberries.

She almost got all six candles with one blow.

We checked to see if she measures up.

She and Daisy have been going back and forth at each age. Pearl was tallest at 1. Daisy was taller at 2. Pearl passed her up at 3, and Daisy made a comeback at 4. Pearl once again took the lead at 5, so we were curious to see if Daisy could continue the pattern at 6. But it looks like they are exactly the same height at six.

Ha ha. Look closely, and notice they are both taller than June was at seven, and almost as tall as Ivory when she was 8. I feel like June is tall now, but it looks like she will have plenty of competition.

After dinner and cake, Pearl opened presents. Grandma made her a funny card with different pearls on it.

Grandma also got her a new backpack and we put all her other presents inside.

Gotta have a Beanie Boo. Those are still a favorite around here.

And I know all my children are still kids are heart, because everyone had to have a turn with the magnetic blocks to make a pattern.

Pearl is certainly sugar and a lot of spice, but she makes our family complete. We are glad she is our caboose.

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meganmushrat said...

She is really growing up. I had such fun with her and the other girls during our visit (even if I did refuse to continue playing Exploding Kittens with her). She is a credit to your family.