Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chalk it up to these kids...

My kids sure love sidewalk chalk. One of these days, we need to put together some funds and sign up for Chalk the Block. I bet they would have so much fun. This year, I just need to remember to take them.

I got chalk out the other day because Pearl had friends over to play. Naturally, my bigs got into the action as well.

Pearl made me this sweet drawing.

Ivory did a sports collage. It was awesome.

June did a collection of fruit. They look so good. I'm amazed at the subtle color changes. I want to eat them all.

I'm not sure why this pumpkin was all by his lonesome, but it looks like a slice of watermelon was coming to visit.

Pearl's friend Kacey stayed all day to finish her masterpiece. Not bad for a five year old.

Robyn wasn't home that night, but only a day or so later, they relocated to the sport court and did some more designs. Pardon the crazy shadows. We went out to take pictures before it got dark, but clearly not before the sun was setting.

Check out this awesome Aspen tree.

This is classic June. She doesn't like to draw faces, so I find dozens of pictures of beautiful girls with no face.

I like Robyn's shoulder angle and devil.

Her roller derby girl is cool, but very tall. Good thing I brought out the wide angle lens.

Love these flowers by June.

And bet you can't guess who did this no face angel?

Finally, this cute heart person by Pearl.

I wish chalk could stick around longer. I'll have to settle for these pictures instead. I hope you enjoyed them.

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meganmushrat said...

The amount of artistical talent in your family is amazing. I don't think I could do as well (not to mention the fact that there is no way I could get down on the ground to draw anything). Thank you for sharing these with us.