Saturday, April 16, 2016

Portraits - Environmental Portraits

This challenge was to photograph someone in their work environment. So, that ruled out my family. Plus, I have to use someone different for every portrait and I've only used family so far, so I need to save some for emergencies.

Amazingly, when I saw this theme, someone popped into my head right away. Since I volunteer over at the school, I see the school librarian somewhat frequently. Sadly, I haven't been over there on my usual day for almost two months. It seems like I always have a sick kid or some other conflict.

But this last week was great. I got to volunteer and take a picture of one of my favorite people. She is the most amazing librarian. She really cares about the kids, knows her stuff, and teaches them so much. She organizes Battle of the Books and spends countless overtime hours making things just right.

I sure love her.

(Bwahahahaha - I am so caught up that I don't even know what the topic is for next week. I'll update this tomorrow.)

Okay, now I know what next week is: DOMESTIC BIRD PORTRAIT (Yep, it is exactly what it sounds like.)

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