Friday, April 15, 2016

Cracking it Up - Work Style

As you know, Tyler has continued the Crack Off tradition at work. It used to be that he brought in all the eggs and some of the guys could be bothered to write something on a egg before the cracking began. I believe these programmers have come a long way. I chose my 10 favorite eggs to display here.

Being the techno-savvy people that they are, the guys made a video of their crack attack. It is awesome. With the slow motion, you can really see the eggs getting nailed. Especially notice how accurate Batman's attacks are.

Here is the winning egg, decorated by Jay. (A new guy. Sometimes the newbs get all the luck.)

Even with all that great video footage, the best part was a sly play for the win that didn't work out. Total FAIL. A lady at Tyler's work (we'll call her Pam) participated last year, but did not win. Afterward, she asked the winner if she could have his egg. He didn't see any reason why not...


Pam brings back the egg, which she has kept for a year. She tried to disguise it by drawing over some of the original artwork.

Unfortunately for her, and every one else, when the egg cracked, it was painstakingly obvious that the egg was not fresh. It left a brown smear of misery behind itself and polluted most of the room in a foul stench. The moral here is: Once a winner, not always a winner

Enjoy your victory for the moment. Then throw the egg away!

Only one Crack Off left to go, and my favorite of the bunch. Nothing beats the FAMILY Crack Off!

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meganmushrat said...

Looks like avoiding a fight worked pretty well for Batman. Didn't he make it into the finals? Fun to watch!