Saturday, April 16, 2016

Let's Finish this Cracking - Family Style

The family Crack Off is my favorite because I love to see the designs floating in my kids' heads. Tyler always rocks the decorating. And if we are really lucky, we get to have extended family come. This year, Grandma Dargan and Miranda came to visit for Spring Break, so we held off on the family cracking until they could  make it. Poor Pearl was so ready to make her own eggs by then.

The day we decorate is always much anticipated. I love getting all the markers out and getting the cups ready with the colors to dye. Look how steamy when the boiling water is added.

The house always smells a certain eggs and vinegar. You would think that would not be pleasant, but it is highly nostalgic. I like the quiet concentration as each person creates something on a blank egg.

Some of us use the computer. I often copy something. Too bad my brain can't come up with original, but I am pretty darn good at repeating other's genius.

Sharpies are a life saver, but one of these days I'm going to try paint. I just don't want to be accused of cheating. But I think painted eggs crack too.

Let's look at all the awesome eggs we came up with.

Some people did three eggs because we had some extras, but only two were allowed per person in the deco contest. People chose their two favorites. Voting was so hard. It always is.

We usually have some ties. (Common with the caliber of eggs we have.)

Yes...I won again. I can't feel bad because I worked really hard on my Zombegg. And I don't win every year. I'll take the wins while I can.

Then we were cracking. Grandma got the prize for first egg cracked. (We still have your lemon drops mom. We may eat them.)

I planned to use my Zombegg last because I wanted it to come back from the dead. (i.e. the loser's bracket) But I kept winning.

Love these colorful eggs competing.

Looks like UP went down. So sad when that egg cracked. Very unique and good looking. The egg wasn't bad either.

Pearl worked her way back from the loser's bracket to contend against me again. I knew I was going to win. And sadly, I confessed to everyone that I had chosen a mottled, dirty looking egg because it was different than all the others. I figured it would be a loser, or a big winner. There were claims of cheating, but in my defense, everyone chose their eggs before I did. I took the mottled one at the end because it was one of the few left.

And win it did. Pearl was a good sport, and she got a prize for second anyway. I love Symphony bars, but those Bark Thins were so tasty.

So I ended up a double winner this year. I hardly ever win the cracking competition. I broke Tyler's winning streak. Next year, I hope it is one of the kids.

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meganmushrat said...

You do realize, don't you, that everybody is going to be looking for the 'different' egg next year. Better check out the cartons of eggs before you buy them to make sure they're all alike. You're welcome to eat the lemon drops.